Byron Parker Signed

Byron is on his way to montreal for his physical. Interesting move considering Coach ain't picked yet.

I see he tweeted a copy of his airline ticket - Atlanta to Montreal. Wow, I always liked him, hope he still has some gas in the tank.

No head coach but Thorpe probably had his say.

What does this mean for Dwight Anderson?

Seth Willams wasn't signed so I don't know that it means anything for Dwight Anderson per say.

Yeah, I think this spells the end of Seth Williams in Montreal. #hooray

I'll be curious to see what Parker can offer. He's only 32, not that old for a DB. He could still have a couple of years of quality football left in him.

I’m curious to see where we play him. I’d prefer to see him as HB rather than corner.

Tweet from Byron:

Byron Parker ?@byronparker28

Welcome to Montreal. Hopefully he won`t be hearing "HEY PARKER" from us during the season.

Would be nice if Arland Bruce could also be signed by the Als; yes,he is 35 years old but he still has a few seasons in him. The Als presently lack a deep threat; Arland would be the answer.


Richard I don't believe we lack a deep threat. Both Richardson and Green can be deep threats, just that they weren't used in that role this past season.

Brandon London also showed he has the ability to be a deep threat. He made some definite highlight reel catches!

Two B. Parker playing corner (Assuming he makes the team)...
Rod Black is going to be so confused....

If Thorpe has any sense, he'll play Billy Parker inside, where he should be, and where even Reinebold moved him at the end of last season.

Herb writes that Byron Parker will be "introduced on Monday,during a press conference". You wonder if the press conference is only for this introduction,or if there are other news/signings/re-signings; the Als don't hold too many press conferences to introduce a new import player. Will the re-signing of Jeff Perrett be confirmed? Stay tuned!


There's the Marcel Desjardins situation as well...

And the only way theyll get anybody to report on it is if they announce P.K. Subbans signing!

Good move- I did perceive our defensive backfield was problematic last season.

Only problem with this signing is that it makes our already-old secondary even older. Anderson, Brown, Hebert, Parkers 1 & 2 -- all well into their '30s. Only youngster is Seth Williams whose job appears to be in jeopardy. Popp needs to step up and bring in some quality young DB talent next season.

Does not bother me, especially with a 4th coordinator in four years. Experience is key here.

Hebert played thls past season like was in his twenties :smiley:

Looks like the Als will send off Marcel

As the Argos Defensive Coordinator, Chris Jones did not try to keep Byron Parker in Toronto; yes,there were cap issues,but had Jones wanted to keep Parker, the Argos would have done so. To me, the signing of Parker could be a sign that Jones may not be the Head Coach chosen by the Als or,at least, not the front runner.