Byron Parker on way out?

Saw this article about Byron Parker. He can't understand why he's not playing and says that maybe next year he should play somewhere else. Can you imagine him on our D? There's one free agent we should pick up.

I thought he got hurt a couple weeks ago?

You are seeing the same thing happening in Toronto as is in Winnipeg. When you are winning, you are only happy to contribute. When you aren't playing, the team is lousy and your head coach is bad, that's when all hell breaks loose.

To be honest, the coaching in Winnipeg and Toronto are terrible and you can tell by the players attitudes. Look at AB3. He didn't want to leave Toronto. Barrin Simpson, Armstrong and so on, they wanted to play in Winnipeg.

The problem is the coaching. You need to have the players believe in you.

Of course if both teams were winning you wouldn't hear a peep. If you are losing but have a clear path at which direction you are going then people don't complain that much.

How many players did you hear from whining and complaining over the past couple years hear? I can't recall anyone. I think that you could tell that we were headed in the right direction and just needed the right pieces in place.

Winnipeg and Toronto have similar problems. They are playing with a lot of vets and rookies and not too much in between. You need to have a balance like the Cats have this year.

Sorry but Toronto and Winnipeg aren't going to be good for another year or so. Both need QBs and head coaches who have a clue about the CFL.

I would love to see Parker here. He's a playmaker.

I doubt you will see Parker in a Ticat uniform, any time soon.

EVEN the Argos are not that stupid to make 2 mistakes in a row, after the AB3 fiasco.

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