Byron Parker & BC Secondary Exposed as a Complete Fraud

Watched the highlights of the WDF after getting back from Montreal and couldn't believe how brutal BC's coverage was. Especially Byron Parker getting completely embarassed in his attempts at man coverage - - wow, didn't see that one coming!

What's up to Parker and his small legion of apologists now? Maybe Parker will get busy posting on message boards again to try and rally the troops. Hate to say I told you so, but...


Since when?

I'd say you revel in it. :roll:

There's three phases of truth, my friend. First, it's ridiculed. Then it's violently opposed. And finally it's accepted as being self-evident.

I'd say my take on Byron Parker's man coverage skills reached the third stage today.

who gives a flying chicken.

Sorry Area 51, but I think you completely missed his point.

You said “I hate to say it” and his response was he thinks you don’t hate to say it at all, you revel in it.

lol he def did miss the point on that.

And right on cue, Parker gets started on a new campaign to save his career...

Parker is absolutely correct that it won't happen again in BC - - because the Lions will be releasing him during the off season.

I would welcome him with open arms here in SK.