Byron Leftwich

this guys NFL career is done, a team like Sask, BC or MTL should take a chance on him.

Leftwich is a free agent as he likely isn't worth $7 million anymore.
I suspect he will find a home in the NFL next year, just at a lower pay rate.
Still far more than he can make in the CFL.
I can think of a few teams that might look at him as a starter for 3-5 mill....
Could he end up in the CFL?
just don't bet on it being sooner than later.

Just to add to Arius's comments, Nobody in the CFL could pay what he wants for a salary. Leftwich comming here would only happen if he took a very, very big pay cut.

And to be fair, one can only earn what one is worth. Name the next best thing to money ... playing time and a chance to work your way back to the money.


Leftwich stats are significantly better then smith's were. The big difference is the playing time and the fact smith hadn't (edited)been in the nfl for 5 years.

I think the possibility is slim, but not impossible he could show up in the cfl. The only possibilities I could forsee is Montreal and BC. I don't think Tillman would be willing to put out that kind of money for a player who would be looking to get back to the NFL.

True. As should be considered.


The first question should be "Who's neg list is he on?".

No the first question should be who is he and what does he do as the second third question is why. That is all.

He will be an NFL backup. The man has skills.

I think if you watched NFL the last few years you've seen his potential. But isn't Casey Printers a skilled QB?

My point is that something (or many things have) happened to Lefty along the way that demoted him out of the upper echelon of QBs. Have I seen him at his best? Yes. Would I like to see him in Rider Green? Nope, but I don't make a habit of going to the casino either. There are just too many bodies(QBs) that ARE capable currently and others that have huge potential to gamble on Lefty. Will he be back in the NFL in fall 08'? I think the same risks face NFL teams unfortunately. He was fun to watch!


i think byron isnt going to the cfl.....i think he washed up in football 7 million down to 100k unless he wants to play that bed i think he is done.i think his skills dont match any team he has been on

What? lol

he'll get signed. He has a lot of heart.

How abouts Trent Dilfer, then?

I agree with the first half. He'll be a back-up in the NFL. I don't see why any Canadian team would take a chance on him.

It debatable. So lets debate. CURRENT facts:

-he will be 28 yrs old next season and would have to be paid a minimum of $600k according to the NFL’s CBA
-hasn’t played a full season since being the seventh overall selection in the 2003 draft, and missed 15 games the last two years
-he had surgery on the same ankle in consecutive seasons(2005,06)

Here are his career passing numbers against a couple of guys I selected to illustrate my point.

                  G    QB rat.    Comp.    Att.    Yards    Pct.%    TD's/INT's

Lefty 49 79.7 821 1402 9321 58.6 52/38

Pennington 61 88.9 1259 1919 13738 65.6 82/55
Lemon 13 72.2 211 377 2185 56.0 8/7
Printers n/a 99.3 525 845 7537 62.1 46/20

There would be no league minimum for Printers who apparently made the K.C. lineup convincingly a couple years ago. See what I’m getting at? I don’t believe an NFL team is going to pay ANYONE 600k to sit on the bench as a liability. Not with the pedigree of younger healthier players out there that are below his cost. I don’t think he’d come up here for less than 500k. So he’ll be working at the Kwik-E-Mart with James Curry pretty soon.

I’ll give you your props if it turns out you’re right, but not until then.


The difference between Leftwich and Printers is Casey had no NFL cred. He didn't get drafted high and ended up in the CFL. NFL people are too narrow minded to look beyond that he would have had to have all pro stats to stay on the roster. Leftwich on the other hand has had a couple of good seasons and has taken a team into the playoffs. That kind of cred means he can make 3-4 million backing up a young hotshot for several years after his skills have disappeared.

Casey was cut due to salary cap issues. I explained that a few months back.

Explain to me how Trent Dilfer has anything to do with Byron Leftwich?