Bye Weeks

Bye Weeks are like a long walk through a inhospitable desert without any water. Is there anything worse for anxious fans?

The bye week blues! :cry:

Brutal! :cry:

The only thing worse for me is PMS, Parked Motorcycle Syndrome.

Rod Black doing play-by-play for EVERYTHING!!!

Bye week mood #Ticats

It would help my morale with a CGY and EDM win this week!

So far the BUMCRACKS are looking like, well,.... Bumcracks! ;D ;D ;D

Hoping the team will use this week to rest up and the coaches will become a little creative in ST and Masoli will learn the red zone. .....
But yeah as a fan, it kinda sucks...

QB Trevor Harris is 4/9 for 17 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT and pulled at the half

Boooed mercilessly off the field! Crap fans. :-\

I think Burris is loving it. ::slight_smile:

I don't think he is.

Actually Burris want Harris to do well as Harris was a great team mate.
Burris probably doesnt want Zach to do well, as he was unceremoniously thrown out of Hamilton

You know, I am starting to understand why Jim Barker let both Zach Collaros and Trevor Harris get away from Toronto, and kept Ricky Ray. Up until now, I thought he blew those two signings.

Hey, whats my wife doing at the REDBLACKS game wearing her TiCat colours! 8)

Grover, I have even more respect for your eye for talent than I did previously. :smiley:

ask your wife why are the girls looking to their left and the two guys in front looking to their right? :slight_smile:

Did not notice their eyes.

I think she has a thing for the guy and a half behind her

^^^ this in spades.

Which further leads me to wonder, why isn't Barker on the Wetenhall rolodex?

ahh, so you are a hair guy then

I dunno, Sig. ... I don't mind Red Black, I mean Rod Black, however he can sometimes pour it on alittle thick at times but that's ok if you're the team whose tires he's pumping... Why is Rod Black such a lightning rod for criticism?