Bye Weeks

Has anyone heard why the League changed when the bye weeks are? Since the current format started the bye weeks were weeks 8 and 9 but this year they are weeks 6 and 7.

My guess (uneducated and unresearched) that they would rather take the bye weeks during the Olympics than compete for viewers with a full sched of games.

That makes sense.

It might have been at TSN’s request since they are covering the Olympics. I’m sure CTV would rather have double coverage on the weekend than have TSN giving up prime time to another sport.

Sounds logical. Both being sports, they would share a lot of the target audience.

Easily possible. Either way, smart move (imo)...

Thanks. Hadn't thought of the Olympics being the reason but that makes a lot of sense.

Yes and in two weeks time there are NO weekend games scheduled because of the last weekend of the Olympics and the closing ceremony.

In fact yes it was due to the Olympic coverage on TSN.

A great move. Get the bye weeks over with early so there are more games later when more people will be watching and there will be a lot more press coverage.

yup that will work out nicely I agree if the next 4 weeks going into labor day stay unpredictable and exciting with teams improving. It will be a great way to kick US coverage on NBC sportsnet with the coverage of the calgary edmonton home and home.
Also the labor day games should be packed. If only toronto and Hamilton can get together and organize fans from hamilton 2 drive up to Rogers. . Now thta would be awesome!

I seem to recall them discussing this when they released the schedule and commenting that it was due to Olympics...but am not scheduling.

I heard the same reasoning here on one of the talk source is "Hear-say", but the reason sure makes sense.

In a eight team league there is absolutely no reason for any bye weeks. Just some more crap the CFLPA got into the contract agreement with the CFL.

That is very true but it is for an extra week of TV even if it is only two games. when 9 teams are back for 2014 they will need two bye weeks and no one wants that or 9 teams CFL, CFLPA, TSN, etc. So i am really excitied and waiting to see what the secretive CFL has to announce after the 2012 qooth GREY CUP. COHON was clear that their would be no talk of a 10th team until the Ottawa Franchise has all the pieces in place which they now do and that the 100th Grey cup will take all the attnetion in 2012.