Bye Week

What's the point of a bye week when the league has an even number of teams?
Doesn't make sense to me

Makes sense to football players' bodies. It allows teams another week to get guys healthy from the various injury lists before the September 1st contact guarantee deadline for roster evaluation and to bring in free agents and other new talent scouted from NFL camps who are cut early.

Teams like it. CFLPA likes it. Sponsors like it because...wait for extends the season on television and radio! It's that money thing again.

I know there needed but I still Hate Bye Weeks

Forget the Argos...Bye Weeks Suck! Hopefully TSN has some VODs to re-watch.

We get to laugh at the Spies tonight! :wink:

Oski Wee CFL Comedy Network,

The players most certainly do like it, as you can see if you watch this video:

In that video, you’ll see that the players are going to enjoy their week off. And since they’ve been off to a good start, they deserve to have some fun.

Probably serves as a place holder for when the league goes back to nine teams.

I know I was going through football withdrawal, I actually watched lacross this afternoon.... :?