Bye Week Over, Back 2 Work!!

Player's should be rested, player's are returning from injury (Pierce, Logan, M.Bowman) and it's time to turn this ship around. Many people believe that the home and home with Sask is an a$$ kicking in the works in The Rider's Favour but as we seen last week against The Esks, The Riders are beatable just like every other team. LaPo is preaching one game at a time, which is good with 10 games left on the Schedule and the Riders have been looking average the past 2-3 games and Durant is proving that he is not superman after all.

The Riders alway's put up a fight on Labour Day and The Banjo Bowl, but as mentioned Durant is struggling and Buck will be back (hopefully 100%) which evens up the odds just a tad. Of course The Riders will be favorites and everyone will be looking for Durant and company to bounce back after a terrible game in Edmonton, what they may forget is that we are looking to bounce back as well. I will be happy with a split!!

Other Side Notes: LaPo has defended the ineffective play of Lobendahn as of late staing he is battling through injuries (what else is new?), but i guess with 10 starters injured do we have a choice but to play an injured Lobendahn? That bugs me, but what can we do? LaPo has also stated that Bowman has been criticized for poor effort, dropped passes etc. as i have as well, but maintains that Bowman is a leader and will bounce back, well i sure as hell hope you're correct LaPo because we need recievers to catch the ball!!

Hefney is on the bubble in Detroit and we culd sure use him on the team soon, of course this is not a sure thing even if Detroit cuts him, then there is a 10 day Window in which he can findan NFL Gig (PR GIG at the least) in the NFL, many say it's highly possible, and it could be but the chances of Hefney (if cut by Detroit) to get another NFL PR spot is highly unlikely, i wished him the best and he made it further than alot of people thought he would, but damn i would love to see him back in blue and gold colors soon.

So things may be looking better for the Bombers in all departments with Pierce and Logan returning, as well as M.Bowman this week and apparently TJH is healing quicker than anticipated and add the possibility of Hefney returning and this team may surprise many in the second half!!

Pierce, Logan & M Bowman should all be back this week, that's 2 players to fill the middle of the defence, and Buck is close to 100%, he's better than Jyles. All upgrades, so things are looking up for a change.