Bye week conversation. NFL Lions Drop Concession Prices

  1. Hey, it’s Levy Foods, same supplier as who the TiCats have.

When I check out these great discounts and specials they are giving to the Lions fans, I think
we TiCat fans would be better off just buying Detroit season tickets, and take advantage of
these great specials from Levy Foods :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously I wonder if Levy is going to be offering similar discounts and specials to us poor TiCat
Canadian fans ?? Why not !!

I know times are tough in Detroit, but us poor Canucks need a break also LOL.

For all you old time forum fans, I wonder if “Onknight”, Tom, is still going to Lions games ;D


Never going to happen because they don't have to. This year you now pay for lousy food, soft drinks and water in the club section along with the over priced alcoholic beverages. And you still continue to patronize the over priced club section and get nothing out of it. :o 8) ;D

Law of economics dictates they don’t have to do anything in Hamilton.

Hamilton is a fraction of the market that Detroit is - the stadium only holds 24,500 while Detroit can pack in 50,000 to 60,000

Essentially, the Lions mgmt are offering up early bird specials. Get folks hooked up with $3 beers & $2 sugar pop, get them addicted and hopefully they’ll loosen up the purse-strings for the entirety of their stay at the game.

Ti-Cats could demand a similar model - perhaps lower prices on a variety of stuff for 45 minutes after gates open - especially dogs, sodas, beers & cocktails.

Then lower the boom on Joe Phan and jack 'em high after the early bird expires!

Fans would at least appreciate the gesture!

Do they server Strohs at THF? (my favourite american beer)

That would be a great incentive for season ticket holders, buy a season ticket and get food and stuff for 30% less. Of course you would have to make the tickets with picture ID or else idiots would abuse it and give the ID to all their pals, or buy stuff for everyone around them. Maybe put a cap on it like my wife has at her work, she gets a 40% discount until she reaches $1500 for the year, then it is full price.

While we’re on the topic of concessions…

corn on a stick?

Didn't he re-appear as Robofan or something like that? He always threatened to boycott theCats because they were not vet friendly every time we released a guy like Bruce or Knowlton. ;D

Wondering if this is an attempt to cut into some of the tailgating revenue. Get the masses to buy inside the stadium.

  1. No Johnny, soft drinks and water are still free in club level.....LOL

Only advantage now is that if it rains you can go inside to watch the game ;D

And I don't bother to eat up there any more !!

I have found a great place to eat and drink before the games at a much cheaper price :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I've even ran into lots of other TiCats fans at this place, it's wonderful ... :smiley: :smiley: :wink: LOL

  1. Yep, good old Tom went by a few names, including Robofan …LOL

He eventually gave up his seasons tix because he was fed up with the continual losing seasons.

Hey, some things never change, do they ?? Tom was probably smarter than the rest of us for,
taking a stand several years ago LOL :wink: :wink:

Except if Detroit was his new destination they don't win either.

Well if you have season tickets to the lions, your not there to watch the lions, but their opponents. Get to watch Aaron Rogers at least once a year! Also Minnesota and Chicago can have interesting teams, depending on the year.

As for cutting ties with the cats, it just goes to show you that protesting by non renewing your season tickets, does not motivate the franchise to put a winning product on the field - it never really has.

Finally, why do we have so many bye weeks; we just had a bye week a few weeks back.

The CFL added an extra bye week this season.

The high cost of concessions is the single biggest factor taking away from the enjoyment of the Game Day experience. Greed takes all the fun out of it.

Not bottled water. The only free water is in the coolers and they give you a four ounce plastic cup to drink from. I don't think the cost of those seats is now justified considering the only benefit is to get cover from inclement weather. LOL ;D By the way, I also found a place that you can eat and drink for a very reasonable price and it is wonderful as well!! 8) :wink:

The thing about the concessions is the City takes 50% of the net revenue from gameday concessions.
It makes things much more difficult to reduce prices when theConcessionaires, Team and City all want or need a piece of the profits.

  1. LOL Johnny, LOL :wink: :wink: 8)

Can’t find the concession thread so I’m posting here…

Where the F do they find the people that work at the concession stands? They have to be some of the most unintelligent people they could find. At the game on Thursday a group of us were waiting in line at the food stand. They had the dividers out to make everyone line up neatly and not in the way. What happens when I get to the front of the line? The cashier is just picking people at random from the line to come up and get served! In what world does that make any sense at all? Multiple times they would just pull people 5-6 back from the front to pass the line and order. When I got to the front and they did it again I chimed in and said that they should be serving people in order or just get rid of the line entirely. They just looked at me and smiled and laughed.

Next time I want to buy something from the concession stands I’m gonna save myself the pain and aggrivation and just take a sledgehammer to my own nuts.

  1. Hey, don't you know it's politically incorrect to call someone "unintelligent" in this day and age.

Call them exactly what they are, "Morons" LOL :smiley: :smiley:

I know what you are referring to, but I also blame the person that is supposed to be training
these young jokers. Obviously the training supervisor needs some proper sales training also !
They are as clueless as the young ones working there

LOL on that sledgehammer reference :o :o Ouch !!