Bye Week Bold Predictions

Make some bold predictions!

Think Montreal will make it a dog fight for #1 in the East?

Think Winnipeg will drop to 3rd or 4th in the West?

Will Hamilton set a new record in the Win column or even end their Grey Cup drought this year?

Grey Cup MVP for Dane Evans??

Make a bold prediction! The bolder the better!

Bold prediction:

I predict a 3rd place finish for Winnipeg in the west.

Homer prediction:

Ticats finish 14-4
We win a close one against Montreal in the Eastern Final and Win the Grey Cup against Calgary in Calgary!

BTW, this thread is purely for fun, no need for long drawn out analysis or criticism, just something to do on a bye week.

BC wins one and does us a favour.

Mike Jones catches fire in the final 7 games and overtakes Banks for the team lead in receiving yardage on the final play of the final game with a diving catch for the winning touchdown. In the rain.

We will lead the Nissan Power Rankings.



O’Shea gets fired for losing, yet another playoff game!

Provided there’s no light shining in his eyes. ;D

Nissan Power Rankings creates a new category, Super 1A, …

for SSK because being simply being ranked no. 1 does not accurately convey the sense of urgency and excitement for the runaway freight train that is Cody Fajardo and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

I’m sure they are atop the Safeway™/Save-On-Foods™ rankings (just as prestigious).

I like your prediction, GCBound…

“We win a close one against Montreal in the Eastern Final and Win the Grey Cup against Calgary in Calgary!” ;D

Are you trying to make someone’s head explode? ;D ;D

Who is this Mike Jones you are referencing?

And Hayden Moore leads us to the Grey Cup

Yes! They are due for some positive media

Rod black goes the rest of the season without saying something that makes you want to take up drinking as a hobby

Prediction for this bye week? At least one of our players will be fined for something or other. It’s not the 2019 season without a Ticat player being fined every week.

yup, a ticat player will be tossed from the stands for taunting :slight_smile:

LOL, I knew was comment was coming

Just finished watching Alouettes getting by the Lions.
It was okay…but i really need to watch cats play…why do we have bye weeks??
(Retorical question)

CFL officially awards a franchise to Halifax that will begin play next year, along with new teams in St. John’s and yellowknife for a 6-6 east west balance.