Bye Week Blues......and Hopes

Man I hate bye weeks even though its good for the players to rest and heal up. No news is good news I suppose. I hope the Als can beat up on the Bummers. I know it would be better standing wise for Winerpeg to win this one but I cant bring myself to wish a win for them. Something about them bugs me. And I hope BC puts a beating on our nemesis Argo's.

Whats eveyone doing to get their football fix?

I have the last 3 wins on PVR to watch!!

I hear you. Bye weeks are almost as bad as off season. Everyday I check this site, Drew's blog, TSN just for any tidbit of info to satisfy my craving. And it's a bit of a drag to only have two games to wait for and watch but..such as it is.

And thank heavens there's someone else out there that despises the Bombers. I grew up hating the Argos (as well as the Leafs) but since moving out here and having to witness first hand the arrogance of the Bombers and the venom of some of their fans....I can't help but get immense enjoyment out of there misery.

Petty of me? Yeah...probably.

Yeah Wallace, Bomber Fans make Argo Fans tolerable. I have great vibes about the game against the Stamps and cant wait to be there. I missed the last two home games due to work and vacation.

I too lived out there for 2 years, their arrogance forced me to move, as stated already, Bummer fans make Blew fans tolerable... although only slightly and in small doses :lol:

Well wish # 1 has come to fruition. Bombers got bombed. :lol: