bye Rob Katz

As Hamilton Fan I want Thank Rob Katz for his hard Work
Rob was not only a hard Worker but Friendly and Genuine
Rob Will miss our Chats
I wish a you all the Best in the Future..

I think Rob did exactly what he was brought in to do and he did it well. I wish him all the best as well, and hope we'll still see him lurking around IWS some time.

WOW, first Chris Dean and now Rob Katz is gone.

The two fellows who came in from Florida
who put together such an excellent staff

that one year after bankrupcy
the Hamilton Tiger Cats franchise
was back on it's feet again.

Kudos to you both!

You did yourselves out of a job.

I could see this coming.

I will miss both of you.

It was so nice to have 2 men at the top of the organization
who were open to talk to and keen to hear fan's opinions.

Seems like the team is sinking a lot of people. Not a good sign going into year 4 of the 5 year plan. Or maybe the lisping ship is correcting itself? (Is that a little too much argo lingo?)

Not at all, but I suggest that Argo ship
shails towardsh shpeeach clash, jake.