Bye Radlein--Hi Jesse

I think next year we need to retool lots of postions but the one that i'm gonna address today is the above. Radlein should be traded as i'm sure he's now collecting a salary towards a $100k, and with salary cap I can't justify paying a FB that can't catch can't run and can only really block a $100k.

Jesse can run, catch, and how hard is it really to learn to block at 6ft 225 lbs. (not saying he can't block he probably can just haven't seen him used that way).

Jesse is from Hamilton, and has alot more potential than Radlein, We should make a trade with BC and send him home for some prospects.

It's abvious were gonna have a good Set in the backfield next year with Holmes, Lumsden, Ranek, Davis I don't think we need Radlein any more.


You think Radlein is making close to $100K?

I would really doubt that.

I don't think he's very good either. I used to like him... but after watching him more and more... I think he's... average. He's a good blocker though... at least in my opinion.

I am going to use the reasoning that some fans on here had about Morreale. When there was thread for Morreale to be cut everyone said how great he was in our community and cared about the team.

I don't think Julina is a bad player at all but if i go to the logic of above He was the only one that stayed out on the field to meet fans at saturdays disater of a fan appreciation day. he is a class act and deserves more consideration than the fact he dropped a few balls in a year that every player had issues.

find me a canadian better then radlien that can block as good. ray thomas would have been a likely candidate but his injury ended those hopes. i ll tell you this lumsden isnt a fullback because blocking isnt his strong point. hes all running back.

newworldorder has a point.jessie is an awrsome running back. Radlein is a blocker about blockers. and when the jobs needs to be done he can do it.

Lumsden is not going to play fullback. Ranek is almost certainly gone. Radelin is an obvious keeper.

Lumsden is not going to play fullback. Ranek is almost certainly gone. Radelin is an obvious keeper.

The guys on TSN were raving about Radelins blocking at half time . i think he has had problems with his knee and that next season hell be 100 % I say hes a keeper !!!

I feel perfectly fine with Julian Radelin as a fullback/lead blocker. And its not like Jesse is ever going to play fullback, that is just ridiculous.

Just don't hand Julian the damn ball!! He is a fumbling machine who struggles on short yardage downs. Just do us all a favour and use him as a lead blocker and that's it!

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With the Cat's porous O-line, Radlein's blocking is a big plus. He may not be much as a ball carrier but he fills his role as a blocker as well as anyone.

Besides, not everyone is willing to block and he is.

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With all of the loafers on that team, you guys want to chase one of the few guys I know for a fact gives a 100% all the time and is committed to the team?

To make matters worse you want to replace him with a rookie running back who got cut from the NFL because blocking his the weakest part of his game.

What are you guys talking about? Radlein averages 2 fumbles a season since he is in the league of which half were recovered by his own team. BS!

I agree with the idea of trading Radlein. He has been been very inconsistant all season. While I agree, he's a nice guy, I really can't say a give a damn about "nice guys" on the football field. I want winners.

A well rounded fullback will be able to block, carry the ball and catch. (In that order) Radlein blocks only.

I think the team has Jesse Lumsden in the wrong position. He runs too erect for a halfback and at 6'2", 225lbs, he's an easy tackle unless he gets to open field. I personally think that in the CFL, he's a fullback.

One of these guys has to go, (Radlein or Lumsden) and I'm hoping it's Radlein.

Radelein is no longer the back who can guarantee you a first down on second and one. If his knee is hurting, he showed it this year. Our running game terrified no one with him as lead blocker. I wouldn't be surprised if he was traded next year and replaced with a 2007 first round draft choice (cheaper, younger, healthier).

If Desjardins was offered any starter for Radelein, I would pull the trigger on that trade at this point.

Why not try an extra O-Lineman in the backfield to block if thats all Radelin is being useful for?

Ryan Donnelly comin at you with a head of steam!!!

because even with his bummed knee Radlein is faster than Ryan Donnelly?

and more agile and donnelly cant hit anyone when they are right in front of him. look for donnelly to be gone when the new coaching staff comes in.

First off, there's no way Radlein makes that kind of money. Where do people come up with these numbers? Do they just make them up? Secondly, why would BC want a fullback when their offence is 5 wide all the time?

I agree with most of the posters that we have a lot of RB's but none of them are going to be switched to FB. I'd really hate to see any of them go but I'm guessing Ranek is the odd man out since Jesse is the hometown kid and Corey Holmes just signed a brand new contract. I know Ranek got a long term deal in the off-season, but that was before Desjardins came in.

I really hope whoever the new coach is decides to empahsize the running game next year because we have a lot of talent at RB. I'm curious to see how these guys are used. I really hope the new coach doesn't try to force a 5 wide style of offence because "that's his style." We clearly have a position of strength and we need to design the offence around our best players. I'd love to see a smashmouth offence with a great defence, isn't that what Hamilton football is all about?

And back on topic, keep Radlein. He doesn't need a lot of touches, he's still effective on short yardage and he's a great blocker.

I've made this argument so many times I can't believe it is being brought up again.

Radlein is one of the hardest working, most talented, committed players on the team. He doesn't always have the softest hands, but every other aspect of his game is top notch. He has definitely improved with his recovery over the season and I wholeheartedly believe he will be 100% next season. Trading him would be a VERY dumb move.