Bye's best !

Just wanted to say it' s probably best to back off as a poster at "" given that I have had a position as a reporter for some time now........I have a lot of good memories here but it's clearly best if I move on.......have fun guys !'s my recent article promoting my beloved team, the Hamilton Tiger Cats !

Go Cats Go !...... 8)

You are taking "journalism" waaay too seriously. Keep on posting, no one here cares enough to give you any grief. That is a bad and good thing.

Bob, you piss me off at times !..grrrrrrrrr ! have been such a good and loyal friend to me behind the scenes over the years that, sometimes, I can't even fathom how to pay you back...I'm just happy I have a role as a journalist to figure out ways to promote your team (our team)......I just need to back off from potentially making an ass of myself on these forums (as I occasionally and make myself a lot more effective to my readers as a reporter (hopefully to help fill the stands at Ivor Wynne or whatever they call the new concrete and metal)'ve always been a good mate !....that will never stop !

my decision is made......Deerhunter, over and out !...Cheers All!.......... Go Cats ! last thing....please let this thread die a natural death with no "please stay" stuff.....ain't gonna happen !......I hope to help the team in other ways from now on... I love this team and always will ! Go Cats Go ! 8)

Your wish is my command!