Bye D.J., I'll Miss Ya'

From 'Random Thoughts' to your all-out play. I'll miss ya'. I hope you have a fantastic year next year!*

*Except against the 'Cats of course. Then I hope that you trip over your feet. You understand perfectly....

yeh dude, i hope you and yeast both tear it up over in sask,. let marcel know what a great player he let go, all the best from Blitz21

There was a time that D.J. read the posts in these forums, and contributed a few posts of his own. I'm not sure if he has read posts here since the forums became part of the forums, as he apparently has not posted since then. But I would like to say, whether he's reading this or not, that I appreciated his contributions on the field and to this site with those "random thoughts" of his. Flick may well have just become my favourite non-Tiger-Cat player in the CFL.

Best wishes to DJ and Wayne in Saskatchewan.

Oski Wee Wee,

If there's one thing that has to be clear here, its that DJ loved being a Ticat.

Not since Morreale being run out of town have i wanted a former Ticat burn us this much.

DJ is going to a contender but im sure he'll tell you that he didnt want this to happen, unlike so many that DIDNT want to be here... you can bet he wasnt one of them.

I wish DJ the best of luck. He's a great player who sacrifices himself to make the catch time after time. He's also a great guy off the field. My kids love him. He actually had my oldest daughter taking to him, which is quite an accomplishment.

He WILL make us regret this. I know he will.

Played and acted with a lot of class...

I will be Cheering for these two Former Ticats

DJ Was just Given to them or he would have been cut.
this as Crash Said was a Salary Dump

i agree he loved it here, good in the communty and always looked like he was having fun here, he wil be mist. time to hang up another 1 of my jersey's on the wall.

D.J., I will miss your heart, your professionalism, your skills, and your wit. Wayne, I will miss your huge smile, your thundering blocks, and your desire. Both of you will be sadly missed. Good thing we will only play against you guys twice this season (baring a cross-over and/or GC matchups...)


Best of luck in Sask DJ . You are going to be missed . You still will be the pride of Pennsylvania to me . :thup:

Just a question for everyone. Why are you so upset that we traded Flick? DJ was a great contributor for the team there is no denying that. However he's not even a top 10 WR in the league and on the Riders he'll be the 3rd or 4th option offensively. Now to Butler. He doesn't have to be the starter here and Maas is still the better of the two and am looking forward to Maas rebounding from a bad season. Here is the key people Lumsden and Holmes.


Take it to another thread, this isnt about ability its about losing a class act that the fans loved from our organization.

Well that's part of our problem cheering for guys who have big hearts but mediocre abilities. I give you Rob Hitchcock!

That’s is what really pisses me off about this site, you can’t have one single positive thread about anyone without someone coming on and saying something negative. It’s really annoying.

Flick will tear it up in Saskatchewan. 4.3/40 receivers with two back-to-back 1000+-yard reception seasons are hard to find.

Given the state of our entire offense last year, slagging a quality receiver entering his sixth year is a little bit trite. If you could point out a scenario where Flick excels in that Joe Paopao offense given its design/execution/Maas's off-year/porous O-line play, I'd like to hear it. :wink:

Rob Hitchcock still plays an outstanding special teams role on the team and plays with heart. He is in the back-end of his career, no doubt. Time will tell (read by end of camp) whether Rob is back.

Oski Wee Wee,

i would have to agree with you borehamgirl. It gets really annoying when people do that. As to Rob Hitchcock having mediocre to explain? Look at his stats . I just don't understand how Hitchcock is mediocre. For D.J & Wayne I will them a lot. I loved seeing what the both of them could do. They were both good assets to the team. But at least its to a good team like the riders. (second fav :smiley: ) So good luck to them both. 8)

Wow don't you think its funny that you're ripping me, like I'm the negative one? Really? I'm one of the guys of the two or three who are supporting the moves that the management has made to make the team BETTER and I'm the bad guy. Listen here is my point. I'm not into playing people past there prime. ie Hitch, love the guy but c'mon people his time is done. I'm sure Sandy Beveridge can pick up the slack on ST. As for DJ I love the guy one of my fav's on the team but certainly not the player everyone is making him out to be.
oski-oui-oui just a reminder that Flick played in Paopoa's offense in Ottawa and put up big numbers.


Sorry friend, but I think that the issue is that this just isn't the thread for debating the deal. There are threads fot it, threads against it, and threads just analyzing it.

The comments on this thread are good-bye notes to an individual. Consider it a good-bye card just like you might give to somebody at work. You don't debate workplace issues on the card... you just say good-bye or not depending upon how you feel about the person.

I guess that with so many threads on the subject its easy to forget what the original intent of the thread may be.

This thread starts and, I hope, ends with thanks to a guy who played hard while he was here and who made friends with a lot of fans while just impressing others. That's all... and that's enough.

I can appreciate that Mark. Trust me I wish the guy all the best but its like when Tom Clements got traded, there will be others.