Bye Bye Yeast!

Okay, enough already.

a) catching punts...we stand around and do the "cha cha" and wait for the cover team to come down and bury him for no gain. RUN WITH IT!!!!!

b) After his TD was called back on the penalty, where was he??? Oh ya. At the stands, giving out his TD ball and waving to people. All the while, the Offence was in the huddle waiting to call the next play. Marshall told the water boy to get him out there as he ran down the sidelines. I think if Yeast was closer to him, the Coach just may have killed him there.

c) His drive killing, over the middle, catch the ball but hears foot-steps then hit the deck and drop it. This guy is a chicken.

Time to bring back Gardner...or anyone with a backbone that is a team player and isn't selfish.

Good post hendy. Well said.


Great post Hendy. You've summarized my feelings on Yeast exactly. Never liked his 'dipsy doodling' with the ball on punt returns. Don't know why he's still here.


Give this bum the boot. i cant believe we cut Gardner and fleming for those schmuck

THANK GOD - I now know that I am not insane. I have wanted this guy gone FOREVER! The reasons posted by Hendy77 are exactly what I have been saying all along.

We need someone who makes the right decisions on the field.


God forbid a player gets excited and celebrates when he scores a touchdown... :roll:

Yeast is just scared to take a hit and he always drops the ball!Take him out!I defended him because of his deep threat but you cant move the ball with a coward!

I am all for him celebrating, when it's time to celebrate. And it sure beats the things I have heard come out of his mouth before, which is a whole other story about why I think he doesn't deserve a place on this team. I am pretty sure it's in an older thread if anyone cares to look back.


not even a good post worth reading here yeast is a great reciver and a even better person you should all give the guy sum slack he was our best rec last season

i thought DJ was???

I cannot believe this! Holy Crap, time to turn into a communist again and defend him because no one else will!!! Where are the kudos for his big block to spring the run? He celebrates his TD and people are on him just because they don't appreciate his talent, I know because I felt the same way about Lumsden last year. The one drop he had was in his hands, MIDDLE OF FIELD gets leveled as he is in the air, and you say he has no heart! Come on you bunch of MORONS and give your head a shake, Yeast went through tough training camp and came out on TOP!! That's all the proof I need that he is better than Gardner(I was hoping he would make the team) and Fleming. As for him not doing much later, neither did anyone else and your not saying Lets ship DJ FLick are you? Come ON!

I dont care if Yeast is a "good person" that dont do squat for the football team. I want a team of winners; not a team where a "great guy" is scared to take a hit, doesnt pay attention to the calls on the play, and generally slacks off. Trade him to some unsuspecting team and let him be their problem. get a DB (Korey Banks would have been great eh? we sure needed him today. but im happy with Holmes)

Well as for todays game please don't take your frustrations out on yeast when our defencive secondary let us down. Not to mention all the penilties, come to think of it why was yeast on the sidelines?...because he thought the kicking team was on the field cuz he didn't see the flag from Brock Ralph's offside so just lay off yeast. He dropped a pass in the middle because he was hit in the air, and how come he is not complimented on the first down he made happen after making several players miss, but hey I guess he has to go!

He wasnt our best ANYTHING last season...

DJ Flick is 10 times the player Craig Yeast is.

I guess many of you folks feel that since

OC Joe Paopao chose to start Yeast at Slotback

means he is "stupider" than Baressi?

I don't see where Yeast is shying away from getting hit....he's taken quite a few licks this year so far and seems to stay right in there.

I like that he was celebrating his (apprarant) touchdown....nothing wrong with that.

Great post Hendy. Agreed wholeheartedly on ALL counts.

Brock demonstrated, with that great catch in double coverage that he should be starting over Yeast.

Frankly, I'm disappointed Yeast wasn't cut.

I never realized how much Ranek's injury hurt us until I saw Yeast replace Holmes on the punt returns. Boy does that kill us.

Put Holmes in there even if he has to miss a play or two on offense. I can't stand watching Yeast dance around waiting for the coverage team to make a soft tackle on him punt after punt after punt.

That's why coach Marshall was heaping all that praise on him.