Bye Bye Troy ?

June 30, 2007
Westwood looking over shoulder at two new kickers
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Folks, we’ve got no paper on Canada Day, but here’s some interesting news from Bomberland….
Frustrated with their kicking game, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made two moves that puts into jeopardy Troy Westwood’s 17-year association with the club.
And it’s already cost punter Pat Fleming his job after just one start.
The Bombers acquired Rob Pikula from the B.C. Lions on Saturday for a mid-round draft pick and then, just to further cloud things, have opted to bring in one-time Calgary Stampeder kicker Clinton Greathouse.
“It was very clear to met that after talking with our coaches they had some serious concerns about our kicking game,? said GM Brendan Taman. “I think that for whatever reason Edmonton has been a trouble spot for (Westwood) and coupling that with his percentage last year… he’s not on solid ground right now, that’s for sure.
“Now, we’ll see if he can get out this, but at this point it might be out of his control. He’s lost the confidence of the staff.?
Westwood, now 40 but still possessing power in his leg, connected on just one of his four field-goal attempts in Thursday’s 39-39 overtime tie with the Eskimos, missing from 47, 46 and 42 yards. The Bombers all-time leading scorer has been the team’s regular kicker since 1991, but saw his percentage drop last season.
Pikula is promising 25-year-old product of the University of Western Ontario who was on the Lions’ four-man reserve list while Greathouse is an American who made 82.4 per cent of his field goals (14 of 17) during a stint with Calgary in 2004.
Both can punt, placekick and handle kickoff chores and the two are expected on the field Sunday as the Bombers begin preparation for their home opener on Thursday vs. the Montreal Alouettes.
“Rob is a good prospect who is happy to be getting a chance to kick and (special teams coach) Cory McDiarmid really liked Greathouse when he worked him out in Dallas,? said Taman. “We’re not saying Troy is out, but he’s got some serious competition now.?

Greathouse was in a good battle with Dales and DeAngelis. If TW didn't have pressure before , he has it now. I'm glad the team is going to let him play himself on or off the team. At least he gets to leave with a little bit of dignity. (other than retiring which may not be a bad idea).

Things are looking dim for Westwood, could be the end for him.

Piggy, is Fleming is gone?? He had a 49yd average(accordig to the play-by-play) and the let him go? Im not sure I understand that one. Pikula lost out to Congi here last year because while the punting averages were similiar, Congi's placekicking was far more superior to Pikula's. We had Boreham doing the punting in our 1st game, and while it wasnt the greatest, he did come up with good punts when the team needed it.

Yes Sambo, Fleming was released, despite having a good average, Berry was not happy with his placement or lack of hang time on his kicks. Tompkins was having a field day on returns because the cover teams were going one way and the punts another. Also, he is a line drive kicker, which didn't allow enough time for the special team to get down field.

Hey 05, what was this Greathouse kid like, he impressed the Bomber special teams coach enough to give him a shot. Could also be just a ploy to put some heat on Troy ?

...Greathouse is an import.....could cause some roster moves we don't relish....but heh lets have a look at him .. i say Pigseye...i hope we can uncover another Ryan....(not likely) :roll:

Anything but Westwood right now and I'm all for it :thup:

Greathouse is a good kicker. He can actually
make field goals from outside the 30.

You guys cant afford not to use someone other
then Westwood. His performance the other night
was something youd see in high school.

Westwood will blame racism if he gets cut

Greathouse is a good kicker the problem is his birth place.

O'missy is still available! And we will drive him to Winnipeg.

Westwood with the Bombers and Sean Fleming with the Esks I am afraid are both done.
NO better example then Thursdays thriller and the non performance in OT.

I agree O'Missy may have a job soon.

Actually they showed a replay where Tompkins cut one way and the special team tacklers were all caught going the opposite direction, giving him a big return. I dont think that is the kicker's fault, although that part of the Bomber's game was not up to snuff.

1 year too early for both