Bye Bye Ted White

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Don't let the door hit ya on the way out !

Couldnt have said it better myself. The guy had no fond memories here and he wont be mssed

Popp, who I think has been a very good general manager, should have been run out of town if he re-signed White.

Do you all agree that Ted White has been the worst QB to don the Alouettes uniform? I think so, at least since their return to the CFL. If we go back to the old regime, Brian (Rancid) Ransom might give him a run for the money…or Turner Gill.

Turner Gill?

He was a nebraska alum as well. Didn't know he was a flop up there.

Didn't Steve Taylor play up there as well? Always heard that Steve did very well in the CFL.

Big time flop; left to try to play baseball as I recall.

Taylor was up for a short while, but he was in either Hamilton or Ottawa or both. Didn't make much (if any) impact.

Hmm Vince Feragamo was pretty bad...wasn't he?

AHhh yes had forgotten that gem.....was great at hitting receivers in the numbers....problem was it was the numbers on the BACK of the jerseys.

I would takeFeragamo over White

what! You are telling me that Feragamo didn't do well in Canada!

As the story goes, he did very well, or at least that is the PR spin we hear here in nebraska....

Same for Steve Young and Turner Gill... all nebraska alum that as the story goes, did very well in Canada!

Sort of goes to show how ignorantly isolated we are in the states of the general goings on in the CFL.... would like this to change.

Thanks for the info. Will have fun sharing this with co-workers at lunch! :lol:

Vince didn't do very well in the CFL, and ended up being benched. His problem was not being able to adjust to the extra DB . The CFL has the two CB's and inside S's but the 12th man on D is a rover or deep safety. This rover, especially an experienced one can fool a QB in to thinking a WR is open on those 20-30 yard passes. It looks like the WR has beaten his man and will be open over the middle but then the rover who has the deep responsibilty comes out of no where and picks off the pass. This is what happened to Ferragamo and he never seems to adjust.
Turner Gill did better probably because he could run when pressured and buy time. I don't recall how long he played in Montreal but I hear he is a very successful coach now.
Another Big 8 QB you might remember, J.C. Watts had a good career in the CFL with Ottawa and Toronto.