Bye bye sobi. Opinions on this?

Sad to see sobi being shut down... I hope the city can take it over or someone whos already invested in Hamilton looking for a little more diversity in the city cough@Caretaker cough to buy the bikes and keep the wonderful service running.
Mostly kidding about the caretaker thing.

But being in the area with alot of people using the bikes, it upsets me knowing we might lose out on something wonderful. I always see them riding around our beautiful Bayfront, up and down cannon st etc.

Love to see your opinion on this situation. It would be nice to have a non covid related topic that we can give our input on.
Agree or disagree I respect your opinions :slight_smile:

Since not enough people were using them, not being to break even, they should become a thing of the past?
I mean, it's not like City Kouncil never got caught up in a money-losing scheme before, right?

Haha fair enough. Do you have insider information that they've been loosing money? Not even a chirp, im legit cerouis. I see the bikes all over lower Hamilton, downtown and at the pier. Perhaps putting some on the beach front would be benificial. Take them from places that are not having them used and such.
Also they're all over mac. Holy moly

It is COVID related. Who is wanting to ride a used bike these days?

Who's waiting to get inside DQ with people all up in ur grill touching the same debit machine over and over haha. I think they would have done the same no matter what

While undoubtedly of interest to Hamiltonians this is a Tiger-Cats page and does not really belong here.

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True, can we merge it into the off topic thread?

Good. Let people buy their own bikes. Why does my tax money have to go towards something so frivolous?

DQ near me limits to two customers inside at a time and has tap.

As for The DQ, I'm meaning the ammount of people going in and out, not how close together they are lol

Its privately owned, so they don't. Furthermore, it's a profit.

My tax money goes towards schools, I don't have kids why should I pay for others kids to get an education.

I really like Blizzards, but something tells me they are high in calories. (Oh, now I remember - it's the menu boards that tell me that.)

For this particular summer season, I would suggest not sharing soft serve cones with strangers. Same for straws.

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Sorry, I didn't realize the service is privately owned. But the city does own the bikes and stations.
Schools are a necessity, bikes aren't.

I it's just the stations that are owned by the city, not the bikes. Even if they broken even for maintenance and such, it's a great service to have in a city that's been slowly shaking its run down sketchy city.
Im all for positive things in Hamilton, and I believe this is one of them. As proud as I am of our steel city heritage I'm also in favour of not being stuck in the 50 and have quite enjoyed the investment this city has had in the past decade. It might seem insignificant to some. But so do most things that don't pertain to us as individuals.

I believe something like sobi is a necessity, as are all The other small but wonderful hidden gems this city has to offer.
I don't know about you, but I've grown rather tired of Toronto always getting the favoritism.

The city owners the bikes per CBC.
Not sure what Uber does in the contract. For sure the web site to administer membership, maybe collections....I believe there are over 25,000 members so why not charge them a $3-$5 fee per year as a membership fee and that would cover, what I think I read somewhere :thinking:, the $60K per year it would cost for the city to take over.

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