Bye bye SJ?

MONTREAL - The Montreal Alouettes announced on Friday that the club has acquired international all-star slotback Fred Stamps in return for international receiver Kenny Stafford. The eight-year CFL veteran is coming to Montreal following an already highly productive career.

Yeah just saw this. Shocking. Edmonton must have had cap issues that prevented them from keeping Stamps and they obviously wouldn't want him going to a division rival. He's 33 but should still have a couple of productive years left in him.

Popp obvs planning for life after S.J....

Maybe he will have some chemistry with Cromp from the Edmonton days.

That's true! Hadn't thought of that. Also makes me wonder whether our next OC might be an Edmonton guy like Jackson or Himebauch if Schonert backs out...

Works for me.

Very good trade by Jim Popp,particularly if S.J. decides to leave. I still think that S.J. will re-sign with the Als; we must not forget that Duron Carter won't be back and Fred Stamps would replace him more than adequately. The number 1 reason why he did not play more in Edmonton,in 2014, was because of ratio issues. Fred Stamps is 3 1/2 years older than S.J.. He probably has at least 2 to 3 more years. Never seriously injured. Very good hands and hardly drops the ball/a pass.

While in 2014 Fred Stamps was 21 st as WR/SB with 545 yards, in 2013 he was first with 1,259 ,in 2012 2nd with 1,310 and in 2011 4th with 1,153.


Guess it depends on what you consider seriously injured.

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Hopefully we can get 2 serviceable years out of Stamps, but we still can`t afford to lose SJ.

Stafford was physically talented but I believe there was an immaturity factor the coaches didn`t feel comfortable with.

Fred Stamps makes close to 200k, so while Popp is likely still opened to signing Green. Clearly he's not counting on it. Great move by Jim he's going back to his roots. You go out of your way to sign your guys and if they aren't interested you move on.

Gives "Stamps has the ball" a whole new meaning.
...Edmonton GM Ed Hervey said ... "We welcome Kenny Stafford to the Eskimo family and look forward to watching him compete."

WOW, his enthusiasm is unbelievable.

Guess I am the only one who did a plant palm in face when hearing of this trade.
33 years old. Downside of his career.
Sure maybe another year possibly two.

Stafford younger.
SJ younger.

Unaware of what exactly Stamps is making, but surely six figures.

Even if Popp has hopes of Green coming back, how given the dollars for Stamps?

Wouldn't it be funny if Esks jump into the Green sweepstakes and he ends up there.

Green did not want to sign in Montreal... So what do you do ? Put the season on the back of a bunch of prospects at the receiver position ? Then we have Higgins making excuses, Crompton making excuse. Stamps is one of the best receivers in the league even at 33. Age is just a number. I wrote a couple weeks ago that between Carter and Green we would be short at least 800 yards compared to the the ugly of last season. Now this has been shopped in half. If the Als can replace Deslauriers with a 500 yard NI like Giguere. We've got most of that back.

Sorry Hfx, still not a fan of this move at all.
Buys a year (maybe).

Stafford showed some promise when they actually had him in there. Instead of dressing Johnson could have kept him in there to develop some more.
And what's even better, they are going to bring old man Johnson back.

Deslauriers at 34, Stamps at 33, Old man Johnson at 37 ....

Ugly to me.

Right now, stamps is the only receiver that will strike some fear in the opposition.

And why did the Esks give him up for Stafford seeing as he "was" a star receiver two years ago?

Better than NO first-rate receiver at all. Popp did his job, he brought in an elite receiver. And as much as we'll miss SJ, let's also remember the games in which he was completely off. Hopefully Stamps is more constant.

This isn't an ideal situation but we can't do anything about S.J. not wanting to be here anymore. Yes, I'd love to re-sign him instead of acquiring Stamps, but he turned down a very good offer from Popp in December and the new year means there's less money to send his way cap-wise, especially now that Cox and Woods have re-upped. So Popp went out and did what a good GM should do: he sought help at a position of need. We can't afford to take a chance and wait for Green to make up his mind about the team. We have to plan for life without him and that's what Popp has done. I actually hope this isn't the only receiver-related move he makes in the offseason. Given who's under center and the uncertainty surrounding the OC role, we need all the help we can get.

I believe that a missing testicle will not hinder his ability. Remember the old World War song- " Goering has only one ball and,Hitler has no balls at all" etc.
Actually, since Popp bailed out the coach last year and, his NFL roaming days are over, this , to me, affirms my belief that Popp is now full time here for three years. These actions would indicate that Popp is back and is reverting to his old self as a quality bird dog again. With this, we just might be a contender again.

I agree with you here.

Hope you are right. I for one do not think so.

Crompton has yet to prove anything. Can not throw a screen pass for his life.

Deslauriers at 34 and Johnson at 37. Do not see how these 2 receivers are going to lead them to the promised land.

Oh and still no OC. And dare I add ST coach?!

Really? Maybe if the A;s had have used him a little more last year (stroked his ego a little) he would have signed the contract in December.
As much as I was frustrated at Green's inconsistency, he still came up with the timely catches when needed.

In any event, as I said, I hope it does work out with Stamps.

As D&P said, hopefully Popp adds another receiver.