Bye Bye Printers

So long with your $500,000 waste of money ,its obvious this team has NO RESPECT for you and won't play for you :thdn:

As per the TSN panel, if none of the Ticats did anything when Printers was hit hard out of bounds, Good Bye Mr. Printers.

Yup it sure speaks volumes when your quarterback takes a cheap shot right at your bench and nobody does anything. Actually really really embarassing that the ticat players wearing ticat uniforms stood there and did nothing. There was a day when a ticat uniform had a reputation for toughness and pride but looks like those days are gone too. I wonder if guys like mosca, zambiasi, covington would have stood there and did nothing...they would have been kicked out of the game for their reaction, and we would have been proud of them.

We should put these boys in pink uniforms. They play like fairies!!!

Hurt again and gone for the year