Bye Bye Paopao

pao pao and has no imagination and the other is too stuborn to switch quarterbacks..the quarterbacks would be better off calling their own plays..time to get rid of pao pao and lancaster..enough already

Maybe Bob Young needs to step in and save his investment here by doing a little housekeeping in management....


Monday, 3:00 pm.

I really was expecting to hear something by now. Fans would be able to first hear about the OC change on the radio coming home from work, 4:00 pm press conference, maybe a live interview on Bobcat's show, film editted in time for the six o'clock news.

I don't mean to pick on you in particular, Ockham
but these 'fire people' comments frustrate me.

Let me explain...

Since Ron Lancaster is the interim Head Coach
we will be hiring a new Head Coach for 2007.

One of the perks that goes along with being a Head Coach
is the opportunity to pick your own coaching staff.

If the Ticats did decide to hire an O.C. now,
he would have to be willing to take a 9 game contract.

Do you know of anyone worth his salt who would accept that condition, Ockham?

I'd take it, RFTT... lol

Good points, Ron. I'm usually the last guy calling for someone to walk the plank, but I can't imagine sitting through another offensive shut-out. I can't remember in all the days watching the CFL seeing two absolutely horrible displays like that.

If Maas is that hurt that he can't thrown down field, then put Eakin in. If Mass is healthy then let him start calling his own plays. Something has to be done. Anyone can see that.

If Maas is not 100% healthy then why are we continuing to start him? Don't get me wrong I am a huge Maas fan but if his lack of accurate down field throwing is due to an injury then please sit down and get healthy. I would rather him sit out a few games so he is healthy long term. I believe he will eventually stand up and show that he is the #1 QB we have been looking for.

However, in the interm start either Eakin or Williams or platoon them. A loss on Saturday and it really is game over for this season.

I also say turf Paopao and let Lancaster and Maas call the plays the rest of the season. Dress Maas as a 3rd stringer and let him be the unofficial OC with Lancaster until he his healthy again.

We found somebody for O.C. Ockham!

Great, Sigpig!

I can't see you purring into the face of our players
with words of love and encouragement like Pinball does
as they come out of the tunnel to the field for a game.

As the man in charge of our Offence and an a miltary man to boot,
what I see you doing is enlisting the man you have said before
is one of the few players with ba**$ to do it, our QB, Jason Maas,

and delegating him to be the one to grab under-performers by the throat
and strongly "suggest" to them that they better start producing.

After being suitably chastised, if they don't come around and produce
you will delegate their digruntled team-mates to throw them into the dugout
to ride the pine until they get slivers on their arses.

Be sure to stand safely back from this in case things get messy. :smiley:

Now if this is enough to propel us on the winning streak we need,

I don't know but...I am sure the remaining players will play with a lot more intensity.

Gee Ron, if what you say doesn’t motivate them to perform, then perhaps the gold man-thongs I’d force them to wear would work… :o

Bye bye!

How much of the deep ball errors would you seriously pin on #11? #8 made adjustment errors, as well as Ralph and Flick. I'm not sold that the plays were adequately strung together against TO. I wouldn't say Joe should go, but I would say he has to attack the 15 - 20 yard range more instead of doing a string of hitches and then one 35 yard toss. But make the adjustments fast while Toronto and Edmonton still suck!

How much of the deep ball errors would you seriously pin on #11? #8 made adjustment errors, as well as Ralph and Flick
I wish I had taped this game to see this stuff in replay once more ......details like this are hard to spot during a TV broadcast when you can only see things once usually....

Yeah Peterson and Ralph have been awful this year at running deep routes. They slow down a lot, won't fight for balls, etc.

In all fairness to each of these players... how many times do a new quarterback, new WR, another new WR, a new slotback (Vaughn) a new runningback, another new runningback, a new offensive coordinator, and a new head coach really gel in the first 9 games??? Not to make excuses, but these guys are playing against teams that are REALLY firing right now, (Except Argos) and they are usually keeping the games close enough to win. I think with a couple adjustments in practice and you've got yourself a good team.

Drexl: I like how you stated "won't fight for the ball". I can count on one finger how many times I've seen the WRs FIGHT for the ball. Deep down I'm an Esk fan, but this year I'm hoping Ticats really do well. I can't even count how many times I've seen Jason Tucker, Ed Hervey, and Darrel Mitchell FIGHT for the ball. That's what you guys need to see out of your 'playmakers'. For goodness sakes, Ed Hervey ripped an interception out of a Winnipeg DB's hands!! That is fight, and that's what y'all need.

Wow, your moderators are pretty stiff. A couple posts ago they put four * marks to sensor a word that isn't even harsh. It was a four letter word that describes what a good vacuum does or how you drink through a straw. Oh well, on the Eskimos site, you can't even type Dave Dickenson's name!

The pick Maas threw in Peterson's (#8)direction wasn't Peterson's fault, the Argo defender had far better position and he wasn't letting Peterson get near the ball.

The pass to Ralph that got picked was Maas' fault for sure. Ralph was double covered and I don't know why in the world Maas threw it to him.

Joe’s offensive schemes are horrible. It was like that for 4 years in Ottawa.

You need 10 years, he goes for 3.
You need 15 yards, he goes for 5.

He can’t run a straight offense, and beat the other team’s defence. He needs trick plays too move the offense. That is a bad sign of an OC.

He lost a good friend in Eric Tillman, after he took over Eric’s job, to save his own, and decided not to keep in contact with ET.

Joe P has too go. Actually he can stay on the Ticats forever, just make sure he doesn’t make his way back here.

Ottawa 2007.

tillman should be our Oc or our Hc
that would be solid