Bye Bye Paopao

Fire Paopao? Before we do that, let's see if he can throw an accurate 10-yard pass as long as he's still getting paid.
Maas is kind of likeable, but is he worth a first-round pick, Danny Mac, and Bakker? Let's give them another chance, though. If we lose on Labour Day though (we can't lose on Labour Day!), we might have to change things. Paopao is a nice guy.

Give them another chance? The season is half over! And why wait until we lose on Labour Day to make changes? (Cuz we will lose if nothing is done to fix this mess.)

Paopao is a nice guy you say. Well, I don't want my coaches to be nice guys; I want them to be winners. Paopao is not a winner. Four years in Ottawa, no playoff appearances. This year in Hamilton the most craptastic offence in the league.

Bring in someone else...NOW

Paopao has to go…
When I think back on the last few years in Ottawa, I was always impressed by the sheer talent that the team had, but somehow they never managed to put it together to become a dominant team. They always underachieved and now that we have Mr. Paopao as our OC, our offence is also underachieving…coincidence? I think not…

It's pretty bad when I (not an expert in football) can sit in the stands and predict the plays, even my wife can. Where's the razel dazel and originality.
I agree, PaoPao should go.
When he was coach of the Gades, how many times did they make the playoffs or were better than 3rd place at any given time.
He was even a lousy QB at BC. Hire Austin ~ at least he'll have the players to work with.
I also agree with the post that someone made that the wrong coach got fired.
I can't believe that Lancaster is letting this happen.

Now I am never one to post a lot on this site because I find people tend to over-react and over-analyze, especially after a loss. But I am going to have to agree with letting Coach Paopao go. I realize the team isn't going to do that because they don't know who is going to be the new head coach until the off-season, but something needs to be done.

It has become painfully clear that the Tiger-Cat coaching staff failed to modify the offense in the off-season/preseason to play to the roster's strengths. Has anyone else noticed they don't take advantage of the speed of Ralph, Flick, Peterson and Co. by hitting them with passes on the run? (Like a 10 yard in or drag routes) And that blame has to fall on the Offensive Co-ordinator. He brought the exact offense from Ottawa and failed to adapt it the players Rob Katz assembled. Jason Maas isn't Kerry Joseph, D.J. Flick isn't Jason Armstead ... completely different skill sets. Part of that blame has to lie on Greg Marshall since he was the head coach, but most of it is on Paopao.

I think what solidified this opinion of Coach Paopao was when I read this Terry Vaughan quote: "He was very good in Edmonton when he was doing things he knows how to do," Vaughn said. "He's being asked to do a lot of different things now, and that's tough on him, although he's getting better at it."

So, what would I do? Start interviewing for new head coaches now, and if the team doesn't turn a corner or make a signifcant improvements in the next 3 or 4 weeks, bring in the new coach and his staff and let them get a feel and evaluate players so that players can learn a new system and make mistakes this year, and hit the ground running at the start of next year.

Good coaching is about making adjustments, and that is something this franchise has been lacking for a number of years now.

Must agree with a good deal of what is being posted here.

First, let me state that I have a good deal of confidence in the Defence, and it was some bad luck endured on Saturday that saw Cody out of the game, but that is, in fact, "football". The Defence came up and did the job throughout the game.

Kavis is improving on his game calls, and while we might not be up to other teams' levels, we are geting close. Our D is physically stronger than we give them credit for, playing too many plays in the heat and humidity that is Hamilton.

The special teams are not that bad. Boreham kicks good length off placements, and I noticed the solid hit on Levingston on the first play, that sort of quieted him the rest of the game...

With Corey off on paternal leave (and I will not offer any apology, he deserves it!) we were a bit weak on the punt and kickoff returns, but this wasnt the gameloser.

Punt covrage and length was okay, no prizewinners.

The Offense, on the otherf hand, stunk the joint out.

I'd like a new OC identified before we follow up the booing and fire Joe, but fire him we should be doing...

But for crying out loud, lets do something rather than suffering this "steamrollering", and its AWFUL to get this from Team Blue, who could have been beaten up...

kavis stays. he's showing he is good but with no offence, its tough to coach a squad playing the majority of the time in one game. fatigue plays a part and the Defence falls apart

Monday 9:40 AM

And he is still OC.

Monday 9:49 still same OC -watch continues


Totally agree with the Paopao analysis. What I find absolutely amazing is how Mr Paopao did squat during his head coaching duties in BC and Ottawa - yet he is so revered?

Also, is it just me or do you get the feeling the General wants Joe gone, too. Read between the lines in today's Spectator articles...

Here's my favourite quote...courtesy of Jason Maas. This tells me more than I need to know...In reference to putting the blame on play-calling on Coach Paopao, Maas says...

"I don't blame the poor calling one bit, it's all on me..."

I will be using that as the first line of my column this week, Hendy... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

It's P-O-O-R performance and P-O-O-R play calling Jason!! Face up to it YOU are NOT a good QB!!!!

Steve, Jason doesn't call the plays, my friend.

Last time I checked, Maas performed quite well under the Edmonton system...

Ya Think......this should have been done when Bob Young bought the team....All management and coaches gone new ones with new attitudes brought in and YES Greg Marshall would still be the coach and we would be winning more than we are now.

Yes, check his ring collection. They wouldn't have gotten to the Grey Cup last year without his clutch play in the playoffs.

Oski Wee Wee,

lets get rid of Paopao and hire Austin.
I think the argos have been killed by injuries this year and also the circus that is Ricky Williams.
He prepared the entire pre-season for Damon Allen and then he gets hurt on their first offensive series … He was told that he would have one of the best running backs in the world and Williams was a bust … I have no doubt that if he had Allen and Avery all season like he did last year, the argos would be right up there in the standings … Allen is no comparison to Wynn or Crouch … and Avery is better than Jeff Johnson or John Williams by far.

Make no mistake … Corey Holmes has not been healthy all year and either has Ranek, but when both become 100 %, we better not be throwing 20 hitch passes a game !

Kent Austin could work here !!!

Except he thinks running the ball is a waste of a down.

Not interested.

Although he is not a huge run guy, he still puts the ball in the hands of the running backs 20 times a game whether its on a run or a pass out of the backfield… picture us in a 6 pack of receivers that include Ranek and Holmes !!!

I think that the main reasons (other than his return talents) that Holmes was nominated for MVP last year was because of his awesome ability to catch the ball and make something out of it. As for Ranek, he is averaging over 10 yards per reception … almost the same average as Ralph, Vaughn, Peterson or Flick.

Austin loves to throw to the backs !!!
Remember that game last year when Jeff Johnson lit us up for something like 150 yards receiving ???

Robert Edwards leads the Alouettes with 3 reciving touchdowns, Edmonton’s Jason Tucker only has one more reception than Troy Davis, In Toronto, Running back Keith Stokes has no carries and 10 receptions for an average over 10 yards per catch.

Tell me that wouldnt take some pressure off the offensive line and give Maas a little more time !!!
Throwing the ball to the backs makes a defence play more honest … mind you so does throwing the ball downfield … something we dont do either !