Bye bye Nate!

So now Nate Davis has spouted off that the whole problem with the Riders is the fact that the fans are ungrateful and that the team is poor because it is community owned. Seems like Nate's atttitude is as poor as his playing has been this year.

Nate's comments reflect the kind of crap that has festered in the locker room under the Shivers-Barrett regime. You have a whole bunch of guys who play half-heartedly and then spend their time bitching about how ungrateful we are because they either aren't good enough or didn't play hard enough.

I'm tired of Joseph taking all the heat. Joseph played his ass off injured and it shouldn't have been up to him to pull himself; that's Barrett's job.

The Riders biggest problesm are with a porous O-line, an inept D-line and an attitude that says we should all be grateful for their athletic presence in our hick province.

First one to go should be Nate. Send a message that this crap isn't allowed anymore. Problem is - I think Davis was just saying the things that Shivers and the rest believe.

Bye Nate. You are a big disappointment - on the field and off.

Where/when did this "spouting off" happen?

What do we have to be greatful for? A constantly underachieving football team who is going to finish .500 at best this year? No home playoff game since '88? No Grey Cup since '89?
Don't get me wrong, I look forward to football season every year, but when one of the so-called leaders on the team goes out and points fingers at everyone but himself, when infact I have yet to see Nate Davis (among others) play up to his potential this year. If you ask me thats just garbage, plain and simple. Go home you whiner.

yea when nate run his mouth like that???

Not sure if you are paying much attention, but we are third in the league with QB sacks. We are also ranked pretty high against the run (although they kinda fell apart in the last minute there). I wouldn't say they are inept though. And could you post this mysterious link to substantiate your claim.

Go Riders!!

I heard it too i think it was murray wood that reported it on the radio, not positive though, just through the grapevine

Drew Remenda, Mitchell Blair reported it on the Drew Remenda Sports Show.

Thanks for the source, windav.....but that would explain why I didn't hear it myself. I can't stand Mitchell Blair and his whiny voice, so I don't listen to Rememda

Glad Remenda's going to HNIC, though.....

You might be third in sacks, but you never get pressure on the QB when it counts. Your inside tackles, Schulz and Davis, seem to have lost a step this year. Perry is amazing but the inside guys are the ones giving up big yardage against the run in critical situations, also the ones not getting to the QB in time.

Wow.. Nate Obviously doesn't see that his team hasn't done dyck all since god knows when and barely deserves any credibility! He's really losing the respect of his fans.. Must be his - bi-polarism affecting his brain again...

my question is if the greeners let him go does anyone pick him up. rider fans have been singing his praises for years but i am not sure how quickly he would find a new home. i assume he would just not sure who. edm??

Nate has never been the same since his back problems. I'm not sure if he even has it in him to return to his old form.