Bye Bye McGahee

It's too bad that one BIG mistake will cost him a job with the Riders. Unfortunately, in this business, performance is everything.

Well, he had a costly fumble last year in Winnipeg too. I'm not certain we've solved our returner issues yet.

I don't know if it's resolved either but Morris was doing a pretty decent job returning for the most part. From where I was seated it looked like he was averaging a good 10 - 15 yards a return there and wasn't stutter stepping his way forward a yard at a time (like a former famous returner of ours).

That’s good to hear. I was only a radio-listener so I have nothing to base a real assessment on.

I think his job is safe for the moment. He averaged twenty nine yards on returns with the exception of the fumble.

I agree, the kick returns had some bright spots, especially in the second half. It's just unfortunate that miscue happened when/where it did. Even how the ball one-bounced right into the arms of a stamp player less than 5 yards from the endzone. Tough luck is what it was. Even though we lost I still seen some nice play from the riders. 3 Henry Burris Turnovers isn't supposed to happen these days. Stevie Baggs, wow!

I didn't see the game, but it looks like Eric "The Elf" Morris, had some good kick returns, averaging 19.6 yds on 5 returns. :slight_smile:

Well I was certainlly wrong on this one. I wonder if it was the fumble or the play of Morris that sent McGahee packing. I have to say I'm a little surprised that Sykes only made the practice roster. I thought he showed a little better than that.

I agree Sykes was the big surprise. Also watch Blythe be a starter in the CFL by next year...just needs a little work, and theres just no room on our talent packed receiving train.