Bye bye Louis

Well he got his walking papers today.

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ya, when you can't maintain a punting average above 33 yds.. you won't have a job for very long!

Well, on the one hand, it's sad to see him go. I mean, he obviously did/does have the leg for it - the playoffs were example for that and he obviously did have potential. On the other hand though, that average was horrible and he always seemed to hesitate before punting which cost us more blocked punts then was reasonable even for poor special teams. Sad to see him go because I'm sure his heart was all in and probably could've improved with each game, not sad to see him go because he was hurting our team and costing us money (albeit probably very little) along the way.

I'm a bit surprised, but this is pro football and despite how he played last year football is a harsh what have you done for me lately business to be in. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Bombers or Ticats pick him up and give him a look. I thought the Riders would put him on the 9 game list as I thought he had a hamstring injury.

He's still young, if he works hard we may see him later in the season or at training camp next year if nobody else picks him up.

Hopefully, he can stick around and keep practising. I think the kid has huge potential but he wasn't ready for the spotlight. The advantage in field postion Johnson gave us this Saturday was a big difference in that game. Kudos to the Riders managemet for bringing him in.

I thought you couldn't cut a guy who was injured, or is it you can't cut a guy who is on the injured list.

They put him on the practice roster and let Scott McHenry go to do it. When you're on the practice roster you can be cut any time.

Louie is now a Bomber. They released Alexis Serna and signed Louie. Good luck Louie.