Bye Bye Jo Jo

Dont let the smog choke you on the way out....Take a knee man take a knee..Sorry but your cut......bye bye

Let me take a more dignified approach.

As a returner, what Walker did was inexcusable. He cannot keep a roster spot as a receiver, so this was his last niche.


Give up a TD? It's over.

Jo Jo played for Taaffe at Maryland so he is safer than most. I thought he should have been cut after pre-season, but familiarity with Taaffe saved him. It couldn't have been performance. That's part of the problem this team has had. Performance doesn't seem to matter. Miss a block---no big deal. Commit a bad penalty---that's OK. Make a bonehead fumble---you tried your best. Pathetic.

I didn't realize that. It's all becoming clear now...

Take a number.

It ain't just Jo Jo that stunk tonight.

The line forms to the right.

if charlie wont cut him maybe he should resign and leave.i agree pathetic very pathetic.

Jo Jo's fine. Sure it was a bonehead play, but only one from him. How many dropped balls have we seen from Bauman and Ralph?

And Walker? LMAO

I can't give him a pass on the TD surrendered. Selfish, stupid, doomed.

He was just trying too hard, Can't fault him for that. He's not known for boo boos. I can forgive him. Everyone fumbles, sure it was in the endzone and that hurt, but still...

did u see the return on the missed field goal he had last week. hes going against linemen and a kicker i love that he tried to run it out. and ya he didnt have a good game but when your getting killed like the cats were what to lose. i hope they keep ya jo jo

We want to give him a break yet whenever Maas fumbled, we were calling for his head. The fumble aside, he isn't getting the job done and should be gone. If the Cats want someone to catch the ball and make 5-10 yards, he stays.

i really dont know how you can compare him to maas but sure.

You're right Cunnee, that was exactly what we did with Jason and DMac before him...

On the other hand, he does seem to be one of Taaffe's past projects in the US (much like the OC and DC!)that aren't working out in CFL play...

How long do you, as Head Coach, put up with such non performance? Next game? End of Season (technically already past!) Next year?

When does Taaffe start the cuts and start the improving?

When does Marcel bite the bullet and make that judgement about Taaffe, if Taaffe will not give his head a shake?

When does Bob have to get involved, and "do" somebody?

There's lots of time to get better and be "something" in 2008, but we seem to be frittering it away, and the changes aren't just on the OLine, they are in the coaching ranks...

Lets put it this way..was the game salvagable when Walker made that mistake ?

No way..that game was doomed from the opening play with Printers was sacked.

Now it was a bonehead play, and shouldn't of been made and if you watched the game on TV like I did you would of see Walker on the bench just punishing himself for what he did.

I don't blame him for trying he was trying to spark life into a team of zombies. There were times tonight were I got so mad I was ready to scream..watching Gagne-Marcioux (sorry if I spelt it wrong) GIVE UP on the pass block and just let the Winnepeg D walk in and smash Printers.

I saw him as well..when someone got by him instead of trying to get them back under control he sat there and just excepted it..

Unacceptable....and extremely me he has a obligation to protect his QB no matter what. That was worse than what Walker did. Walker tried to take nothing and turn it into something. He just messed it up.

Just remember folks to error is human
If they executed their plays perfectly everytime they'd be robots.

lol a team of robots sounds nice

this play you all speak of is the one football play i will always remember as 'the one that made me puke in my mouth'.

He was trying to make a play on a night when a lot of other players were mailing it in.

JoJo was trying to get something started. He was trying to create a spark where there wasn't one. Yeah, he fumbled. Yeah, it hurt. Yeah, he had a bad night. He has played well all season. We all have bad nights/days.. even at our jobs. Give the guy a break.

Y'all should be glad your bosses don't fire you after one bad day.

The line forms to the right.
The line has 'formed' all year.


The question you should ask is how many touchdowns have Bauman and Ralph given up in the end zone!
Get rid of Walker. How stupid can a player be? How many more boneheaded mistakes is he going to make?