Bye bye Creehan

Another plus 30 points against

Another useless effort in trying to stop the run

Another example of their inability to make a stop when it counts

Another game when the DBs seem to be confused and missing assignments

Another game with 300 plus yards against

Another game where we show why we are last in every defensive stat.

Another game that unfortunately, leads me to believe we will not make the play offs


Time for a change.

One offensive TD won't win many games.

True, but giving up 30 plus points every game is even less likely to win you games

This is the most pitiful Defence we have had in years. This team used to pride itself on D and now we are a laughing stock. I hope the players read these posts but I know they dont

I agree but when you put up 29 points as a team with your offense struggling, you should win games like these.

The offense is to blame.....they should know that they need 40+ points to win....

I need someone to refresh my memory....what is a "turnover"..."interception".."fumble"...I've heard of the past.....Gerald Vaughn.....Paul Bennett....they used to do those things SOMETIMES.......I think.....are they illegal now?

I would be willing to cut Creehan some slack except for the fact that he came out last week and defended his schemes and his players....worst is okay with him....just some patience....maybe they'll progress to second worst.....

ANYBODY out there who expected them to stop Montreal that last drive? Anyone?

Didn't think so.

Go back just a bit further...

When Dile gave up that sack, did anyone think Montreal would control the clock and kick the winning FG?

Everyone here did.


unfortunately, there was never a doubt....

My beef with Creehan is that he seems to be smug and arrogant in thinking that his schemes and theories must be adhered to when clearly they are not working. The world knows that if you are passive against AC, you get burned. Our best games against AC was when he was rushed and harried. Even early in the game, we throw a rare blitz and it works.

THEN he Creehan arrogance takes over and we go back to the passive defence, and we get TORCHED.

How much more of this crap can we take.

If Marshall is actually living in Burlington, no brainer, take him. His style of defence has worked in the past, and he seems like the type of coach who will focus on making a defence work with the talent ( or lack of talent) that he has as opposed to Creehan's slavish devotion to a style of defence that does not work.

Creehan will get another chance, but his inexperience and youth is killing us.

Creehan is awesome !

I am trying to remember when we had a defense that we could be proud of. I think it may have been in the 60’s. I love tough hard hitting defenses. When Hamilton was in field goal position with 2nd and long in the last few minutes the Als came with the blitze. It worked they sacked Burris and forced us to kick the long field goal. When the game is on the line we need the extra effort, the blitz, the desire for the defense to come through with a big stop. This never happens. We have given up so many points in the last minutes of 1st half, and also last minutes of games.


There must be changes this week: Creehan has had 8 games to adjust his defence, and he has failed in 5 of them.

If not, the Arkells might release a new single: "The Ticats are Bummin'"

the 80s....90s at times....even this past decade....but not now......

It's hard to put forth an argument in favour of any aspect of the defense at this point.....

Yeah! Lets' win.

Losing sucks!

5? I would say 6 or 7. We give up way too many points and if it wasn't for our offense and special teams, we seriously could be 0-8.

We had a long time to prepare for this game and Argos had the short week. In the first half, except for a couple of 3 man rush calls where our defensive got schooled, our defence played very well. They regularly disguised blitzes and hurried and made contact with Ray, disrupting the Toronto offence. It seemed that Creehan had made some adjustments to the defensive package and it was working in that our D was harassing Ray consistently. We were ahead at the half.

Then, like some sort of bad joke, Creehan went back to his old scheme it seems, little pressure and many players back. Toronto then continued to go through our defence like Swiss Chees. Creehan was jumping around the sidelines like a monkey on steroids, clearly lost in space. Predictably, as in the previous games, our Defence was unable to come p with stops, and given our O was off today, we lose again.

What this game showed me more than any game this year, was that we indeed may have the players that can play defence, they clearly played their hearts out in the first half and then aggressive in your face approach was successful. We have the players that can do it, BUT when Creehan went back to CREEHAN THEORY OF DEFENCE systems and shut down the aggressiveness, we were toast.

Now, without a shadow of a doubt, it ain't the players, IT IS THE DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR.

PREDICTION: If Creehan is not fired, we do not make the playoff.

This clown is not ready to be a co-ordinator. You dont play zone when you need to stop a team from scoring with seconds to play.

That is a common strategy: Sutherin used it a lot. Unfortunately, that "prevent" strategy cost us the 1998 Grey Cup Game, and it looks like this one as well.

Why didn't we replicate what we did in the first half in the second half?

I think it's time to get some new ideas into the playbook cuz this guy just doesn't have it.

Hey everybody, back to back loses in the last minute are tough to swallow no doubt but let's not forget the pick and the safety
that's 24 points on the d not 30. I don't get the change to not blitz in the second half but unlike probably 90 % of the people on here I think a win Saturday night and it's game on in the East. A loss and we're virtually done, 6 points down froom the Argos. Unfortunately after today's loss Saturday is in my mind a total must win, the proverbial four pointer. Win and we are 2 points down, one game up in the head to head with still one more to go against the Argos. We must win Saturday!