bye bye cortez

You know, it really doesn't say much.

There are two ways you can look at it. One, he is an excellent assistant coach, but doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach. Or two, he was an excellent coach, but the game has passed him by...

The bio also says:
" Cortez..........also coached Calgary's defensive secondary in 1997 ".
This is one of our weaknesses. Maybe he is so busy with the offence he doesn't have time to provide defensive expertise to Casey Creehan.
I hope after this season, he gets an offensive co-ordinator to free him up and allow him to oversee the offence and defence. Preferably with a new (experienced) DC too.

mr62cats, You may have a point but I think he should make time.

Not to drag this out, but as a head coach and head of football ops, he has to address problems that affect the team performance. He can't just sit on his hands and say that's not my area. He has lots of off-time to review the defensive schemes that Creehan comes up with and if he sees areas that need improvement, he has to point this out. Our offense puts points on the board, althought they sputter at times with questionable calls, its the defense that is giving them back.
I think Cortez's background is such that he should be able to spot deficiences, draw them to the attention of the person responsible, and see that improvements are carried out. That's his job, why he doesn't seem to be doing it is anybody's guess. I don't buy the idea that he has too much on his plate.

8) Being HC and Director of Football Operations, was the only way that Cortez would accept the job here !!
   He more or less got what ever he asked for by the Cats, who were bound and determined to sign him.

    At his large salary, plus a 4 year contract, I hope things work out for the best with him, because he isn't going 
     anywhere for at least 2 more years after this one !!!

     The Cats might eat 1 year of his big salary, but that would be the max !!

Well our second choice was Tim Burke and he has had quite the "baptism by fire" in his first couple of games as Bombers coach. It's likely he would have also had some rookie tribulations and a rough start here. If we had hired him instead he would also be the target of many "Burn the Witches" threads.

The thing with Burke is that the defense wouldn't be in such disarray and had we hired a competent OC then we probably would have a better record.

You never know. If Burke had been hired by the Ticats, his “baptism by fire” would have occurred in the pre-season when the scores don’t really matter.