bye bye cortez

This team has terrable coaching,we have been out coached every game...2 times this season he missed throwing the challenge flag,the whole team looks confused on the field,Bahari Grant dropped 5 passes yesterday while Stalla is limited to action......We have the players,to win,the problem is the coaching,the only bright side on this team is special teams,the rest of the team is terrable,clean house now so w can bring in a new coaching staff to prepare for next year,this year is a wash....... :frowning: :x :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

It's not going to happen unless Cortez fires himself. He signed a four year contract which is ridiculously long for an unproven rookie head coach. The Cats are on the hook for his salary if they let him go. Not a very good financial investment so far.

So far, I'm not impressed. However, it's still too early to talk about canning him. Besides, a mid-season HC change would be disasterous. They're stuck with him for the rest of the season at the very least and given his contract, he'll start 2013 too.

An Argo-Cat fan

Does anyone know what Cortez' contract includes ? I know he's his own offensive co ordinator,
but it seems to me he has a third title as well.

I think that what needs to be done is to allow Cortez to work to his head coaching duties only.
Any other jobs should be removed from him.

8) He is Head Coach and Director of Football Operations.
 He is also OC.  Don't expect him to give up his 2 biggest positions any time soon.

Cortez is not going anywhere - not with the 4 year contract he has and the big bucks he is getting paid. There is no way that the Ticats send him home to sit in front of the TV for the next 3 1/2 years and pay him his salary - aint gonna happen. So we should stop these threads (I know we are all venting) but this just will not happen in the first year of a 4 year contract - maybe in the third or final year of a 4 year contract. We are stuck with him for the foreseeable future. Well at least next year we won't actually see him on the sidelines in Hamilton.

Yeah that's right. Next year well get to watch him picking earwax with his pen and chewing it off in HD all season long.

As was said in "The Godfather" we could always put a bullet in his eye!!

Just joking, in case anyone wants to take me seroulsly.

:lol: Almost everytime the camera shows him he's poking his nose with the pen and then either chewing it or licking it. He does this back and forth all game long. Does he not realize he's on national TV? It sure is an annoying habit to watch but it would be a hell of a lot more tolerable if we were 7-3. 8)

I think George Cortez will turn out to be OK.
He has a lot on his plate right now including a DC who needs help badly. We need until halfway through next season to make a proper judgement of George...with a different DC and better defensive players.
My choice a couple of years ago was Scott Milanovitch. But Cortez is here and I expect he will settle down and be more comfortable towards the end of this season.
I think it's time for some other football ops management to go but that discussion is for a rant on some other thread.

He deserves to show a bad first year isn't what he's about, agree.

LaPolice went 4-14 in his first year and went to the Cup the next. This years debacle is Mack’s mess and not LaPos fault. I agree give Cortez another year. Can’t keep firing coaches.

Cortez is clueless and with him this team is doomed. I dont have any interest in this team at the moment and that makes me sad because I have never felt this way.

i think if anyone is to go it has to be creehan.... our offense has at least shown some life at times during the season

the defence has been beat up and abused all season

400 yards to a rookie qb...common

Players like Giguere who stand around and don't make an effort to come to the ball should go if they show they can't learn from such an obvious lack of motivational type performance.

Giggy might still have some value with Montreal.
They have a pile of linemen.
Trade for one or two, or steal one off their practice roster.

Year after year ownership/Mitchell/Obie continually are making the same mistakes. From what I recall outside of Charlie Taffe and Lancaster taking over for Marshall we have never had a head coach with any Pro football head coaching experience. Then 2 or 2 years later fire them and repeat with a rookie coach. This team has been poorly run from ownership down to coaching since the day Bob Young took over. It seems to lack any true vision and is built with rookie coaching and over paying for big name free agents who always seem to disappoint. Why bother firing Cortez as we will go through the same pains with a new rookie HC next season. It is probably time to remove Mitchell and Obie. We need a good DC next season, GM who wants to build through proper scouting and not through high priced free agents. This season was a disaster from the get go as the free agents signed were in area of strength and did nothing to address our weakness. If anyone needs to go at seasons end its Obie.

problem is, Giguere's stock is dropping like a stone each and every time he hits the field.
Montreal will not give up a first rate lineman at this point, (especially to an Eastern rival) unless Giguere drastically improves his performance in rapid fashion, which, if plausible, will be far too late in the season to matter.

Sammy appears to lack effort, inspiration and route mechanics which have not been alleviated with experience.

Maybe I'm just speculating here but it seems to me that anyone who hires someone for such a long term would have a release clause built into the contract. Especially in this case where the coach has no proven track record as the head honcho. For example, if certain performance goals aren't met, then the employer has the right to release the employee. I don't think any of us fans know the finer points of his contract, only that the term is 4 years. I can't see a businessman like Bob Young agreeing to an unrestricted contract. Just my thoughts.

After reading this, I'm not so sure he is the problem:

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