bye bye Casey Printers

well it was a nice move by Casey.not.To leave the Lions to play out the dream of playing in the NFL.nice choice of team to play for too,with 3 other QB,s all capable of stepping in.Casey is stuck on the practice squad and will be back in the CFL next year.But not with the where does he go?QB's are weak in the CFL and every team, but the Lions needs a quality QB.Problem being that if Casey had attitude with the Lions and Dickenson before,that chip on his shoulder might be a boulder now that he tried and failed the NFL without even playing a good luck to any team that gets him and hopefully the Lions will get something in return for his rights,something other than attitude.good luck

The Lions won't get anything for CP's rights because he'll be a free agent if and when he comes back. This was the last season for the Lions holding his rights. Why would he come back now before they expire? And why would any team give BC anything now , knowing this also?

CP won't have a chip on his shoulder. If anything, he'll have been humbled by the NFL.

I'm not really worried where Cassie ends up. He seemed like a nice guy, and he had 1 good season (please don't forget how awful he was his last year on this team!). But in all seriousness, Dickenson is the better quarter back. Now I know everyone will jump on me and say "Dave is getting to old" and "he's gonna retire soon". That may be, but Dave may surprise us and play a few more great seasons. On top of this Bucky P has played consistently for two seasons. In fact in the 2005 season when he came off the bench he looked WAY better then printers did starting.
Casey Printers is a one dimentional quarterback. He calls the play with ONE reciever in mind, if that reciever isn't open he up and runs, even if it's the wrong decision. He never had vision, and he never will. In his first MVP winning season teams hadn't learned that, by year two the entire CFL had, and that's why he looked so bad (Ok, him looking bad had alot to do with Dave's return and his injuries as well).
I'm not scared of any team having him, I'm pretty confident with Dave as my starting QB and having a guy like Buck Pierce waiting to take over when he retires (or gets injured).

Casey Printers is without question a more exciting QB than Double D or Buck Pierce but he currently lacks the intangibles to be a great QB. Those intangibles are leadership and a team-oriented approach. The “W” is what should matter most to any QB but to Printers it is more about himself. I hope he has learned from his experience here in BC and I wish him well.

BC Management (Ackles, Buono and O’Billovich) have done wonders with this franchise but I think they made a big mistake not getting any compensation for this guy (Even draft picks).

I wonder if Casey will become more of a Henry Burris type of player ie very good but not dominant. I thought in the second half of his MVP season when teams played him for a second time defences were on to him. He still won but he wasn't the game breaker he was earlier in the year.
I hope he signs with Toronto ---- his return to BC Place would be as big as a playoff game.

I hope CP comes back to the CFL. He was an exciting player but I will have more fun booing him when he comes back to visit the 2006 Grey Cup Champs. Lions didn't need him to win the Cup. Lions can win with DD, as soon as Mr. Crybaby, Mr. Selfish and Mr Distraction left.

Look at how well Ray and Maas existed in 2005 and how well DD, Pierce and Jackson existed in 2006

hopefully he comes to the peg should and improvement over glenn

This forum was full of comments last year at this time saying how great Printers was.. and how much better and fun to watch he was... The tables seem to have turned a little bit....... The truth is, that he's a great athlete, but not much of a quarterback... maybe he'd better serve a team as a receiver or something... something where his lack of decision-making skills and horrible attitude won't get in his and everyone else's way so much... maybe he's more of a Terrel Owens then a Michael Vick... ???

maybe he's more of a Terrel Owens then a Michael Vick... ???
Don't look now but Michael Vick is starting to get a Terrel Owens-like reputation.

Casey is very Owens-like. Do you people forget what he was like his last year in B.C. I am sorry, but he was a cancer in that locker room. I could care less if he returns to the CFL. I hope he has had fun being on the practice roster this year and retarding his growth. Nice move Casey.

How do you think Philip Rivers would feels if Marty started Billy Volek as quarterback this Sunday instead of Rivers? Horrible and incredibly angry. Well that is how Casey felt when he wasn't started for the Grey Cup. After all he was the Most Outstanding Player. As far as I now there are few people in the world who would be fine with that mentality of your are the back-up even if you lead the team all the way to the final. That decision started a snowball of problems for Buono that we all know about. Keep in mind I think DD is the better quarterback but to be fair to the horse that drove you to the race Casey should have starter because he earned the right to win or lose that game; Dave only earned the right to hold a clipboard. Then in string training the job should have been up for grabs for whoever played better, which would have been DD. So comparing Casey to Owens is incredibly insulting because not only was he actually mistreated by the Leos but everything that came out of the lions camp said he was a really great kid.

Are you NUTS??????? How quickly you have forgotten that "Golden Boy" Printers was hurt for the Grey Cup game. Last season all Printers did was WHINE WHINE WHINE. He is a head case and I for one am GLAD he is gone. Funny, how come the Lions won the Grey Cup without Printers???? I guess they didn't miss him as much as you think they did. Besides, if the Lions thought he was such a great kid why did they ask him to leave the sidelines during the West final??? Because Casey is and always will be a HOT DOG/HEAD CASE. Let him rot on the practice roster in the NFL. Dave is not only a better QB but also a better person. Have fun on the practice roster Printers, the Lions DON'T MISS YOU as is evident by their Grey Cup victory WITHOUT YOU.

If Printers heads back to the CFL, I'd bet money on him ending up in either Toronto, Winnipeg, or Hamilton.