Bye Bye Buck.

Finally Burke has stood up and made a decision that probably should have been made fro the second half of the season last year and Joey Elliot who was said to be inconsisitant but was never given the chance to be consistant as of Course gave them the best chance to win.
Well this is finally seen as not true and looking around the CFL last week yes there are a plenty of QBs with the potential to be starters. BC made that choice a few years ago and it took the Bombers 3 seasons and 4 games to figure it out
Goltz has officially been named number one for the rest of the season and Hall is #2 and Buck is number three.
hopefully the Bombers have been planning for this and have some QBs in mind to bring in. Buck as a #3 QB is wasting a roster spot right now he is not the holder nor can he rune the short yardage offense.
As they move to the Middle third of the season Buck on the 9 game IR and bringing in a third QB. Whether that think it is Chase Clement or another.

We know Buck has to go, stay classy!!!! I know your Ti cat fan and that may be hard to do !?

Buck seems to be surprised by the decision.
I dont have stats in front of me but I think that Goltz just played better than Pierce in his one start than any of Bucks starts.
Aside from that back up QBs Bo Mitchell, Drew Willy, and Zach Calloros also played better in their starts then pierce did.
There are just too many QBs out there that are better than buck pierce.
Buck also seemed to be surprised about his mentoring role that was announced. Basically sitting out more games than he has started over the last three season this is what he has been doing as he spent most of last season sitting in the booth with Crowton during the games.

Oh look poor booboo's post has disappeared.........


I was at that game,live it was way worse than on T.V. but you know what?? to Bucks credit he finished the game that night and the Bombers kicked our butts and won the game.Unfortunately Bucks had one to many of these kinds of hits,akin to a human pinata or tackle dummy. The man had guts,determination,desire,but for his health and future should really consider hanging up the cleats,move on,lifes to short,find something new for a career,ya keep playing your going to get killed!!! :cowboy:

Chuckle LOL,You guys are a little to sensitive here,loosen up,its not like those hits never really happened.Poor Buck got rocked like that on a regular basis.Its just a coincidence that the Cat game hit was the one on youtube,could have been several or any team for that matter.The title of the thread is Bye Bye Buck with hits like that I'm suprised he lasted as long as he did.Good Luck in yer game with B.C. we need the entire East to step it up and gets things competitive again. :rockin: :cowboy: