Bye Bye Bryan

I have really mixed emotions about the announcement that Bryan Hall is calling it quits after the 2009 season. I don't know whether I should be overjoyed that he is finally going or upset that he will be around for one more year.

hehe maybe he will go out with a bang!

I can’t wait to be able to know what’s going on during a football game again! :lol:

he was like the John Madden of the CFL
DIDNT KNOW what he was talking about...
jeesh, he shouldnt even ddo this season
and the way he sings the fight song fer the eskimos... what an embaressment
he dosent even know the words, hes always looking down at the paper,
ugh, thank you, and BYE BRIAN
we aint guna miss ya!

Common Guys Brian bleeds green and gold . You won't find another commentator like him again he was unique to the CFL . I honestly think "you don't know what you got till it's gone'' I wish Brian and his Family all the best.

I don’t mind his radio show but he was painfull to listen to as a play by play guy. Hearing him describe a game was an adventure because he rarely described a game. A typical Bryan moment would go something like this, “Wow did you see that” and he never would tell us what “that” was. The thing is, no Bryan we didn’t see that, you were supposed to tell us, it’s radio for god’s sake. Many times my brother and I would be forced to listen to Hall and after several minutes of him ranting, we still wouldn’t know if there was a touchdown, an interception or a penalty, he would simply go on and on about some mindless drivel then break off to a Tony Roma commercial.

Thankfully I hope you are right and we don’t hear another like him.

I truly think the guy is (or has been for sometime now) losing his mind.

if you listen to him in the morning and afternoon when he has his little bit. he is always repeating words, with a pause.

I think it's to allow him to recover and find the next line he needs to read! or re-track his thoughts!

I've never heard someone constantly repeat what he's saying, spell things wrong, get the wrong names.. etc

he truly needs to retire from radio, period!

He may be retiring but his hair will live on!Cant say i will miss him.

I couldnt help but laugh at that... Him and John Madden are probably best of buds, neither of them know how to talk about a game... heres and example of Madden "See now in order to win the football game, you gotta get more TD's than the other team"
Thanks a ton Madden, we realize that... And then Hall... is exactly what is in the quote above... "Did you see that!!??" No we didnt Hall...