Bye Bye Boreham

If the recent spec article is any indication its looks like Marshall is serious about giving the punting duites to Fleming if all goes well.
Is the two year long nightmare of bad punting finally over?

Well they drafted Fleming for a reason....

That works for me, we need to get better in the punting department. If Fleming can add a couple yards to this worst punting game in the league, and also a couple seconds of hang time, we’re laughing.

you are risking the wrath of Fleming does gets more height then Jamie which what they look for.

Boreham can stay. Unless his placekicking goes south again.

borehamgirl is cool but best of all she's not blind to reality and not a "cheerleader"

She might not be a cheerleader but I hear she is a pretty fair table dancer.. :lol:

has anyone gone to the ticat training camps to watch?

if so, how do u get there?...403 to what exit, then where?

Here's an idea, in keeping with the new site how about we try NOT slandering my name for at least a week or two? Sound fair?

Zontar thanks for the endorsement. I'm not concerned in the least about Boreham's job. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm confident he can do the job. Time will tell. If Fleming wins the job in camp, I'm behind him as well. I enjoy the way Boreham plays football. He's not afraid to make a hit when he needs to and he has a great work ethic. As at any position, the best players should be doing the job. I still think it will be Boreham, but I won't boo Fleming off the field if it's him.

No offense to Boreham or Borehamgirl, but I have been hoping for quite some time that they added a kicker, and have Boraham just do place-kicking. I was extremely happy that they picked up Fleming from Ottawa.

Special teams have become more important than ever in recent years. IMO it makes sense to have a specialist in each kicking position. This allows each to focus on one task, and also provides a backup in case of injury.

The net result can only be better field position and more place kicking points.


403 going west - Main West exit, turn left at Main, drive a few kms until you see McMaster University on your right, turn into the Mac campus, stay right and go around the hospital - athletic complex is at back of campus.

Boreham better hope he doesnt get outkicked too. I doubt Marshall would heistate to have one player K/P.

Unless Fleming can add big-time yards and hangtime to what Boreham offers, I'll take Boreham for his gutsy hitting, tackling and getting downfield after the ball. One recovered punt is worth alot of punting average for me.

I disagree, 1 recovered punt means another shank. We need someone with hangtime, and consistancy. Jamie does not give us that right now. Personally i hope he outright wins the job so we can save the roster spot... but 2-3 yards more and more hangime will really help.

Besides, who wants their kicker downfield GETTING HURT like Jamie has over the past couple seasons.

You gotta be kidding. :roll:[/list]

The early 1940's called.....they want you back.

How do you figure we will get this from Fleming? Stats don’t tell the whole story. (not that they’re that much better anyways) I remember watching him last year and he was brutal.

He is a marginal upgrade at best. I don’t care if he wins the job, that would be fine. I just don’t see how people can actually think we’ve solved our punting problems.

No oe said it was "solved" only that the rancid punting of Boreham is being addressed at least.
If you think Fleming is a stiff then your beef lies with Marshale and Co. who drafted him and not the people who say boreham's punting needs to go.

Where did I say that Fleming was better? All i said is that WE NEED THE FOLLOWING... thats all. Dont care who it comes from or who gets cut... just bring that to the table as a punter.

What Crash said.

Give me an O-Line, a QB, RB and some receivers that will lay it out and really "go for the ball", and I won'y be terribly concerned if TC has to punt the ball,in costume, at that! Just reduce the number of third down and punt issues!

Personally, I've come to kind of like Boreham, as his ability to attract penalty calls on "contacting the kicker", and same on getting down to make the hit or recover the ball makes the "hometown game" just that little more exciting and unpredictable...and I can't think that he hasn't taken the many criticisms to heart, and worked hard in the offseason to improve his abilities...should be a good training camp to observe and see which way the team decides to go...