Bye Bye Berry

I just saw on sportsnet that the word is that Doug Berry is accepting the job of head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers an announcement is expected today. Im happy for him but I dont think he iwll be missed Calvillo runs the offense here head to toe Id be surprised if we even bothered to replce him

Kevin Strasser who was the assistant of Berry will probably be promoted to OC.

We'll see.....Good Luck to Berry in his new HC position.

......papazoola is claiming Berry will have a big contingient of FA Als following him to Winnipeg......any thoughts on who might jump ship?........

I don't know, because:

  1. There aren't that many Alouettes free agents this year.
  2. Most of our fre agents play on the defensive side of the ball, so I don't see why they would love so much Berry.

The only one I'd see following Berry is Scott Flory, because Berry was in charge of the line. But Flory being a Saskatchewanian, I don't think he'd want to head to Winnipeg. Not to mention, he said he would not try out the FA market this time, given how bad he screwed up the last time he tried.

Among the other Als FA:

  • Ed Philion (just signed back with the Als)
  • Richard Karikari (is happy with the Als and is assured of a starting job in here... but money could change things)
  • Sylvain Girard (might leave if promised a starting job, but his family and friends are all here)
  • Anwar Stewart (unhappy all through 2005, but recently said he wants to re-sign with the Als before the FA market is open)
  • Ted White... Yeah ! Take him! Great idea. We'll even pay for his plane ticket to Winnipeg if you want.

I agree with third and ten Id also like ot add that most of our players that can be free agents are guys that have been with the als their entire career pretty much. The only guys on offense that can be free agents are Flory, who said he doesnt want to be a free agent after the last time, and Sylvain Girard who says he wants to retire an alouette. Defensive players have no connection to Berry. The only ones left to be resigned are Strickland, Stewart and Karikari. Stewart has recently said he wants to resign and I cant see Strickland leaving the als any time soon as he loves it here and he is one of hte only guys that played consistentlly well on defence this year. So that leaves Karikari but the safte position should be hte least of the bombers worries.