By-week thread: Fav movies of the summer of 08

Considering it's a by week I thought I'd start a thread to see how you all have the flicks of this summer ranked. And please don't whine about moving this to the off topic forum, I never go there and probably 90% of the folks who post here either.

1 Pineapple Express
2 Batman
3 Tropic Thunder
4 Indiana Jones
5 Hancock
6 Hellboy 2
7 The Hulk

That's pretty much all the flicks i've seen and out of those the only one I didn't like was the Hulk which I found to be quite boring, Hancock surprised me quite a bit, Pineapple is probably one of the funniest flicks i've ever seen, Batman was overrated but still almost a great flick and I'd say Indiana Jones was the worst Indy flick but still a good movie.

Have you seen Stepbrothers, I really want to see it but think it might be all hype with a good trailer like Superbad was last year.

None I don't like the Movies

I never saw it. I might check it out this week.

I can't see it being as good as Pineapple or Tropic Thunder though

The love guru imean if the leafs can win the cup maybe the cats can make the playoffs.

The Batman

End thread.

This was one of the WORSTE summer's for movies in my RECENT memory ...

On the LIGHTER side of the spectrum ...

Get Smart and Kung Fu Panda were NICE little time wasters.


Pineapple express

and ive watched alot of movies, but those are the best.

( yes, ive seen batman, tropic thunder, death race, bankjob, juno, hancock, and lots more )

I have seen only a few movies this summer so i will say
1- stepbrothers (anything with will ferrel is hilarious and so was this movie)
2- Batman ( I am not huge into the batman movies but this one was very entertaining.)
3- The bank job ( very good movie, funny but also action, a must see.)
4- Definatly maybe (my wife made me watch but I still enjoyed it.

Street Kings and Felon, Felon was one of my all-time favs!

I never saw it. I might check it out this week.

Don't go see it, my brother went to see it and he said it su-cked, lucky I didn't go with him.