by the way...

I'm not really about to disagree with you Artie. I don't think we will pursue Kevin and likely we shouldn't. However I do disagree about Kevin's potential to play. The difference between Bishop, or Crandell, is, neither of those guys has ever played nearly as well at anytime in their career as Kevin Glenn did in 2007. Not even close. Neither of those guys ever had the consistency or the learning curve of Glenn. In fact, of all the starters in the league, only Ricky Ray, by age 28 (Glenn in 2007) had ever had as good a season as Kevin. Except Printers, but that is another story. Burris still has not had as good a season. KJ had as good a season, but at age 34. Buck can't stay healthy long enough to tell. Anthony Cavillo was done. Finished. Washed up at age 25 in Hamilton. Terrible knee injury and brutal play. Off to be a back=up in Monteal. He has done okay since then.
So basically, I think it is a little premature to write off Kevin Glenn just yet--age 30-32 should be among a QBs best years. Injuries have of course taken their toll on Glenn, and that is a factor. But a guy doesn't just lose the ability to play football at age 30. So I'd love to have him back in green. Except, as I said before, I also believe it is time for Darian Durant. And as much as I love KG, sometimes you just can't go back home.

For what my opinion is worth, I believe Kevin could bounce back and have a very solid season. Sometimes the quarterback gets too much credit, and, even more often, he gets too much blame. Like our injury situation last season, no one could have imagined that season could unfold in the manner in which Winnipeg's did.

IF Kevin is traded, (and that's IF), I would expect him to come to come eager to put 2008 behind him. Within our fraternity, he is respected and all of us expect you'll see "a competitor" come back with something to prove.

Definitely Courageous . During your time as Rider GM many strategic moves have been made, brilliant moves most waaaaaay beyond my comprehension,making for a very entertaining off-season

My football ignorance can get in the way of intelligent statement, but ...........I just gotta know, Why are the Riders not interested in a veteren QB such as Glenn,someone to at least push the young QB's at TC. Is it strictly a cash issue?......Thanks again for your time.

Omarr Morgan should have stayed lost :lol: :lol:

I don't get some people. The Riders have been blasted in the past for not developing young qb's. Now we have a great chance to do that and you want a veteran to be brought in. The exact same thing that people have been criticizing the Riders for doing for years!? I'm sure if KG is at a cheap price, sure he is worth a look. However, don't break the bank so to speak on this guy. We have young talent. How about we groom it and build off Darian's success last year. He is surrounded with talent and he showed a LOT last year IMO. We can't win the Grey Cup every year so no reason to go patching for a quick fix. This is a process and one that is improving greatly! Keep this thing going!

i am strongly in favour of grooming our 3 young quarterbacks.
We have such a great group of receivers and Wes Cates also.
Like I mentioned a few times before, I would like to see us get a quarterback coach.
Imagine our quarterbacks being showed the ropes by
Dave Dickenson, Damon Allen, Matt Dunigan, etc
There was no fluke that the last 2 grey cup winners were head coached by CFL ex quarterbacks
Is there any chance u can land guys like this happy to be green?
I would even give the thumbs up for Joe Pao Pao :thup:

Whether or not we add a qb coach is Kenny's decision. I've shared my thoughts (as I always do), but it's Kenny's call.

Dave, Damon and Matt were all fine quarterbacks and would bring unique insight to the position. No way, though, could we afford Matt! LOL... Between TSN and the Cooking Network, my good friend is living the good life with no stress!!!

Agree that Joe Paopao does a very good job coaching qb's.

Hey zbest, next time think before you post. Why would we trade for a highpriced receiver like Armstrong when we are already deep at the receiver position with many highly touted players coming to TC. And why oh why would we even considering bringing Glenn here (who hasn't been the same since his broken arm) when we are trying to build from within and groom our own allstar QB.

That's easy. Because some people are never satisfied ... that explains a couple of our colleagues on this board.

Another might be that fans are not homogenous. The ones who want Glenn now that he is available aren't all the same ones who said "develop from within". C'est la vie.

I never said that we should bring Glenn here … I asked why we wouldn’t be open to entertaining the idea.

And our SB position is deep … our WRs ( Bowman, Dominguez, Grant, Bagg, Walker ) don’t scare anybody … Armstrong lit it up when he was playing here.

Our GM should not be saying he has no interest in making moves. He should be trying to find ways to improve the team, and entertaining all options.

Unless he’s in the business of denying any interest, for the sake of lowering market value to something he is interested in.

Silly me...I don't have any interest in making the moves YOU think we should make! And, those two teams which have inquired (this month) about the possible availability of two of those players you claim "don't scare anyone" obviously don't get it, either, right?

And, Zbest, since you like to evaluate receivers (or declare them non threats) based on their rookie seasons, the following STATS might be of some interest to you:

Ben Cahoon 33 catches for 471 yards (as a ROOKIE)

Milt Stegall 34 catches for 513 yards (his first FULL SEASON)

Jamel Richardson 42 catches for 528 yards (his first TWO SEASONS...COMBINED)

Geroy Simon 34 catches for 306 yards (his first FULL SEASON)

My point? Not that guys like Gerran Walker, Adarius Bowman, Rob Bagg, etc, will become stars in our league. Rather, rookie seasons are often not indicative of what the future might bring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's interesting. Trying to figure out which two guys you are talking about. I love Matt, but think he should likely retire. So if he is one...
And if anyone offers you a bag of old socks for Grant, take it...
I really like Walker and Bagg. Bowman needs to prove himself. The potential is certainly there and I have not given up on him. But depending on what teams are interested and might be offering, only Bagg seems untouchable to me. Though we are now hip deep in Canadian receivers and I could actually see us parting with one for the right price. So I am guessing Bagg and Bowman are the two....

This is fun.
Ben only played about ten games that year and likely wasn't a starter. I don't recall him being one anyway.
Milt actually had 613 yards according to the CFL website in only 11 games I believe.
Jamel only played a few games in his rookie year, and broke his leg in year two, though I believe he was leading the league in yards when he did.
Geroy also did not play a full year that year, and may not have started when he was on the roster.
But your point is well taken. It means Weston could still be a bust and Bowman the star he was supposed to be. We'll know more 6 months from now...
Just a little extra, Bowman actually reminds me a lot of Jamel. Big, strong, fast. Can't concentrate. One can fix that!

Arius,my point was much the same as yours...just expressed differently. Walker and Bowman's production would have been at a much higher level had they played 16-18 games. Adarius was injured, missing nine games, and Gerran arrived mid season, and still missed two or three with a groin or a hamstring (can't remember which).

I've been GM of two CFL teams where a rookie receiver won rookie of the year (Mookie Mitchell in Toronto and, of course, Weston). But, that kind of production from a first year receiver is farrrrrrr from the norm. Many start as role players, or late arrivals, only to blossom in years two or three.

You are right about one! And, the bag of old socks is safe. No offers for Corey, who you'd respect a lot more if you spent time around him. A first class human being...

I absolutely agree. I believe winnipeg cut Joey Walters. Happens. And just so it's clear, I certainly don't anticipate Weston being a bust---just an example. Adarious may well become a star, but if I recall his rookie season properly, I think had he not been injured he might well have been benched. And had not others already been injured, he may well already have been. I was much happier with Walker and a couple of others. But that raw potential in Bowman is hard to resist... and I do like big receivers...

And my comment about Cory is not personal. He might be an awesome individual and terrific guy. I just do not believe he has played even up to his own standards, let alone what I would expect from a starting wideout. And so I can't fathom how he makes a team in 2009 that boasts Getzlaf, Bagg, McKoy(how's the knee?) Fantuz, Palmer, Clermont. I forget anyone? I can see Palmer being gone as well. He had almost as many fumbles last year as receptions.

According to the medical update I got Thursday, we have reason to believe David McKoy will be ready to roll the first day of camp, which will be a big plus. Annnnd, you also forgot Adam Nicholson, who was really good against the Lions, in his first game, and then suffered a leg injury missing the balance of the season.

In Andy Fantuz, Chris Getzlaf, Rob Bagg , David McKoy and Adam Nicholson, we have five good young Canadian receivers. Our vet non imports are, of course, Jason Clermont, Michael Palmer and Corey Grant. This collective group gives us depth, talent and ratio flexibility...we could easily dress four Canadian receivers and only three Americans. For sure, though, there will be some roster modifications prior to training camp.

How this got misconstued to read “bring in a vet” is way beyond me. Must be a new definition of reading between the lines.

Grooming the young QBs now is a great idea, it about time. I say bring in someone specifically to be the QB coach. A recently retired QB would be great, like Allen or Dickenson. Even if Dunigan wants to get back into coaching, why not put a "feeler" out there to see if he is interested in teaching the young guys we have. No one has mentioned Teale Orban, but the question is does he have a legit shot at even making the team?