by the way...

The "rumour" being passed around on the Bomber forum that we have expressed an interest in Glenn, Armstead, Armstrong and/or Canada has zero validity. ZERO!!! And, saying such is not intended to be insulting to those four guys in any way. Rather, it's simply pointing out the TRUTH since it's nothing more than a "rumour," lacking even one ounce of truth to it!


The report I see states that Glenn listed a number of teams that he would be interested in relocating to. He had a history in Sask and Sask could easily be on that list. We have questions at QB, and Kevin is a veteran starter that was the MOP candidate in 2007, losing to a very familiar KJ that year.

So basically, why the heck aren't we interested? -- DD and Glenn would make a good 1-2 QB team.

Derek Armstrong also has a history in Green and White, and has been a force at WR. Right now our WR position is a question mark.

So basically, why the heck aren't we interested? -- Trade a question mark like Bowman for a proven WR.

Armstead has a history in Green and White, and also was able to add a spark to the Winnipeg return game last season, winning several special teams player-of-the-week awards. Again, return specialist is a postition that was lacking in 2008.

So basically, why the heck aren't we interested? -- Trade a young "prospect" SB ( Berman, Nicolson, McKoy ) for a proven RS.

Gun-shy from getting grilled about the KJ and Bishop trades?

The guy is done man ! His throwing arm as a mind of its own since the Eiben hit/injury, I am not accusing him of anything but from what I saw last year he is so nervous about getting hit that he loses concentration after snap.

Anyway Printers isn't going to take a pay cut to go to another messed up organisation, wait and then you can put the heat on Eric once Printers is a FA and looking for a "quality" home :slight_smile:

While I don't think we should be interested in Glenn, unless the price was very very cheap. Even then I am not sure. But Armstrong we should always be interested in. It is really moot though as I have no idea why Bombers would want to get rid of him.

Armstrong is high-priced talent - cap considerations could come into play there.

Whoever above asked why aren't we interested in Armstead apparently didn't see the Montreal game last year....'nuff said on that.

And Glenn? Really?? I fail to see the attraction.

Thanks for the update ET. As to the other comments on this form, here's my $0.02

Glenn - no thanks, I'm all for developing young players like Bell, Durant, and maybe Jyles.

Armstead - definitely no. Carl Berman and Wes Dresslor, not to mention the new guys coming to camp will be better than Armstead.

Armstrong - That's interesting. I like his play. He's a big physical Wide Reciever, like Matt Dominguez. Him I'd like to see. But then again, what the WPG would want for him in a trade, he's probably not worth it

Why go after Armstrong? We have more talent at reciever then we know what to do with.

I wonder what it is about Armstead that he gets passed around so much! There clearly is more to this then meets the eye. Perhaps it is all salary expectations but there seems to be more.

As for Glenn, I would not touch him with a 10' pole. Let someone else bring him up from the ashes. We do not need to try an experiment like that again.

Armstrong is a great receiver but probably comes with a big price tag. We have a great core of new talent competing for wide out this year.

Why no intrest in Glenn, it's a different regime now so there should be no shame in re-aquireing a player, or at least showing some intrest .

What's with all this patriotic hype about developing a QB. Is there not significant cost of both time and MONEY wrapped up in the development a guy for 4 years only to find he isin't the guy after all ....OR,you develop a guy for 4 years who becomes a MOP,now this fine young QB will either FO or hit the FA....

Bring a proven starter into the Rider system where the ONLY piece missing is a legit starting QB ....or mentor....or backup.....or security......or all the above..

Pass on Armstrong , we got the Dressler who would make a fine full time wideout....He can catch it all, and if it's not caught he'll draw a PI flag in the process.
WD is the best reciever WE have at adjusting to either shoulder,and has the Best in flight depth perception at judging both the deep and short ball .......oh yeh, he can fly too....

If Winnipeg is happier with Edmonton's third string QB than Glenn, shouldn't that tell you all that needs telling?

So Artie-Lange, is Glenn done with football then???
I think change is as good as a rest myself..


I don't know. Physically, he's a long way along the path. Mentally - who knows what a change in scenery may do. But there is a ton of precedent that for QBs and RBs, there's not much of a twilight period to a career - you're good, and then you're done. It's not universal, but it's not uncommon either.

And my comments weren't so much that Glenn was or was not done - more that there is considerable risk with him now (I think I posted on another thread that he's officially a reclamation project now), and I don't believe the Riders are in a place where they benefit from taking on that risk. If this were the bad old days and we were going into a season with Rick Worman and Goofus McShlub, then, yeah, what have we got to lose? OR say you're Montreal and AC decides to pull the pin - OK, that's understandable. But as it stands now, for the Riders, I wouldn't view a Glenn acquisition as any better than the Bishop one. I'd prefer to keep our kids, and use the money that Glenn would cost to re-sign a couple of our free agents.

But that's just me.

Hmmmmm. careful with that logic Artie. We gave up an all-star DE to obtain Edmonton's 4th stringer last year, who may in fact be our starter this year....
A bit of a dilemma for me. I think Kevin Glenn is a terrific young QB (yes young--he'll only be 30 this year) whose best years are quite possibly still in front of him. Yes he took a step backwards last year, but I do not believe one can blame all that transpired in Winnipeg on Kevin. If Marcus had to go because of a couple of injuries to our oline, the Bomber line was devastated by injury last year. So personally, I think we should be interested in Kevin. He is certainly a better QB than EITHER of the recycled guys we tried to go with last year. And I think we would have good success with Kevin.

However, I am anxious to find out if Darian Durant is the guy, and after the fiasco of bringing in Bishop last year, I think we owe the fans and the young guys their opportunity to sink or swim. In this case, being young actually hinders Kevin, as at that age, if you brought him in to start, then he likely can do so for several years, stunting the development of DD and SJ. I think Kevin might be a good fit in Hamilton, who clearly need a QB now--get rid of Printers--or maybe he can go to Montreal and back-up Anthony for one or two years and then take over when he retires. BC likely needs a QB as well. JJ isn't the answer to very many questions, and Buck is good, but made of glass.

So I think we should be interested in Kevin. Just how much so is the question.

The other guys, we don't need. Armstrong is terrific. To expensive though. And we have enough solid youngsters that one of them will step up. And one is all we need as 3 of our 4 starting positions are locked up. Although---Dressler, Fantuz, Clermont AND Armstrong would be terrifying to defences across the league...
Armstead is still young enough to have a good career. He has loads of talent. I think he lost his focus for awhile last year, but played decent for Winnipeg down the stretch. But we don't need him. That bridge has likely been burned.
Canada? Good player. Expensive. And I am perfectly happy with Kitwanna and Chick, and a couple of the other guys we played at end last year showed good potential. We need a tackle, not an end.

Wow, is everybody ignoring the first post of this thread? There is no need to say “I would like to see Glenn come back to Sask” because ET threw cold water on that with his post. How about asking what he thinks about getting other potential FA’s, or signing a few more of ours.

BTW- I like the fact that Neal Hughes is back with the Riders.

I actually thought of that while I was posting that, Arius, but I went ahead anyway. Why? To me the analogy doesn't hold because of two things - baggage and expectations. Glenn bears the physical and mental baggage of his accumulated injuries, and add to that his coming off a wretched year. Jyles had none of that - he was a pure prospect. A good kid with a live arm.

Expectations - Glenn would be expected to start, and play as an elite passer in this league. Could he become that again? Maybe, but it's no lock. Jyles was brought here as a raw prospect who would compete for a roster spot. You can argue (and you have) the relative merits of the trade, but the simple fact of Jyles coming here really created no risk to the Riders - it was all upside.

For Glenn, it's not the same - there's considerable risk. Every one of your eloquent and oft-stated points about the inherent risks and things wrong with the Bishop acquisition are equally apt here, so I won't repeat them. Glenn may have a somewhat higher probability of success than Bishop, but I don't think it's that much higher, and I don't think the associated pitfalls are worth it simply to roll the dice that he's going to revert to 2007 form.

He can’t comment on any potential free agents other than our own until February 16. Until then it’s tampering, and he’d get his pee-pee slapped by Cohon.

As for ours, what he can tell is up to him based on the state of talks, and umpteen other factors.

Well if you're a soon to be free agent, and it's 3 weaks until the date, why would a player even bother signing rite now? Wait the 3 weeks and see what the market bears for your services. If Tillman hasn't got any signatures by now, I would assume this is what is happening. We will therefor be in a bidding war for the more elite of the F.A.'s and I would be surprised if we have any returning linebackes from those that are free. Edmonton and B.C. are going to gobble them up, and we are back to square one in that department. So we may as well stick with the kids at Q.B. and groom them, as well as a new D, all at once. If we lose Lloyd and McKenzie I think it's time to go full bore on the rebuilding thing, as our secondary and O Line aren't exactly fresh faced kids anymore. 9-9 or 10-8 in the next couple of years are likely lofty goals if we go that route. Oh well, it will take the heat off of getting a ticket for the next few years anyway.

Why? Because we can’t afford their salaries. Or, better stated, have spent our money building a deep and strong Canadian nucleus…a good YOUNG TEAM!!! And, speaking of the latter, my job is to find the young versions of many of those good players mentioned above, not operate the team as if it’s fantasy football…where I’ll get praise for bringing in guys with “name recognition.”

Remember last spring? Winnipeg was praised throughout the media universe for securing all of their big name free agents. I, on the other hand, was blasted for “single handedly destroying the Riders” among other things. That specific quote, though, came from a member of the Winnipeg media in March. A few months later, one team won 12 games again, and the other fought through a very tough and challenging season to finish third in the east (during a down season in that conference). Remember???

Gun shy? No, I have the courage to do what I believe is right, even if it’s not popular with some of the critics. As I said the other day, I can sleep comfortably in my skin since we just had the best consecutive Rider seasons since 1969-70. That said, there have been mistakes, and there will be many others which lie at my feet. But, in the big picture, I think most Rider fans are appreciative of our collective efforts, and understand that I don’t operate out of fear!!!

You sound just like the guys who said the sky was falling in the off-season before 2007. When we lost Andrew Greene, Nate Davis, Omarr Morgan, Davin Bush, Jamel Richardson, Jackie Mitchell, Fred Childress, Kenton Keith, etc, etc. Remember how everyone predicted doom and gloom? Not one media guy in the country picked us first or second, and many picked us LAST!

Things turned out okay in 2007 when we lost several very good and respected players, didn't they?