By the Numbers: Week 2 Standings and Histories

Posted the results for Week 1 in the Riders part of this forum last week but decided to move this to a non-partisan area for this week; hope folks enjoy!

Team Standing Last Occurrence Season Outcome
Hamilton 0-2 2010 Lost E. Semi-Final to Toronto
Toronto 1-1 2010 Lost E. Final to Montreal
Montreal 2-0 2010 Won Grey Cup vs. Saskatchewan
Winnipeg 2-0 2003* Lost W. Semi-Final to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan 0-2 2004 Lost W. Final to BC in OT
Edmonton 2-0 2005 Won Grey Cup vs. Montreal
Calgary 1-1 2008 Won Grey Cup vs. Montreal
B.C. 0-2 2009 Lost E. Semi-Final to Hamilton

  • Winnipeg tied their first game in 2007 and won the second [/i]


Calgary and BC both join Montreal this week in producing results that yielded them Cup wins the last time they posted similar results, while all eight teams continue to trend towards making the playoffs based on their last similar performance at this point in the season. (take note Rider, Tabby and Leo fans who are calling for coaches', QBs', and players' heads! :smiley: )

Outside of Winnipeg, which has to go back the furthest now in 2003 to get a similarly impressive start to their season, it's the west that is having to reach back further to see a similar season start; this is largely due (at this point anyway) to a swap between Saskatchewan and Edmonton in roles in that division as it's the Riders, not the Eskimos who are struggling to get their first win.

Items to watch for in Week 3:

By virtue of the schedule, either Hamilton or Saskatchewan have to get their first win next week as both 0-2 teams are playing each other on the former's turf.

All 2-0 teams could easily chalk up another win against a team which has already lost.

The two games that are being played within a single division (Tor vs Mtl; BC vs Edm) won't directly change the rankings in the division without a complimentary result in one of the other two games next week.


Only mistake is that BC beat Hamilton in the East Semi in 2009. Otherwise, nice work. I look forward to more of this over the course of the season. :thup:

Thanks BWW, not sure why I typed that out since I remember that game well. Any chance I'll be seeing you on Saturday at the stadium?

You will. In fact, you'll be seeing me on the field in the second quarter (or at least on the big screen) as I've been named the Wiser's Uncompromising Fan of the game for Saturday's contest. I'll be the fat Ginger with the beard who probably makes a fool out of himself by saying something stupid (if they let me talk). :lol:

Great to hear -- I gotta say that the Caretaker and his crew is doing a wonderful job of promoting the fans this year which I hope will give some more loyalty to the team from the city...especially after what happened last year at this time!