Buzz the Lumberjack Mascot

To be introduced at the 67 game Monday.

Not doubting you, just wondering where you heard this?

from me. :cowboy:

Big Joe Mufferaw! :cowboy:

Spoiler alert!!

Buzz the Lumber Jack - a great mascot name. Lumberjacks wear black and red shirts too, that seems to be their uniform. Great marketing by Hunt, I can see fans coming to the game wearing lumberjack shirts and jackets.
I don't remember the Renegades having a mascot? just that guy in black who sang "Sweet Caroline"

Notice our website and twitter backgrounds are red & black plaid?
Something a lumberjack would wear?

Gosh, i hope our uniforms have nothing to do with that design.

Sure, they had Ruffy the Beaver, the hardest working beaver in town!

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If done right it could be very interesting. As long as its not overdone. I got a Moose Knuckle Plaid Aviator with sherling lining and its damn cool.

[url=] ... el-aviator[/url]

I like the idea of “buzz” with a chain saw chasing kids in the stands, great marketing.

Hi Lonnie! Long time, man!

OSEG already doing some big cross promotion.
Not only will they be announcing the Mascot but REDLACK plaers will be on hand to sign autographs

:thup: :thup:

Freudian slip?

He has a foam axe you maroon.

Yeah, it sounds like Burris was having a great time with it. :thup:

Someone (in the media) made the point that you get that "ambassador" aspect to Burris that not all guys can bring and there you go.

lol.............ahh I see you are still having a meltdown being proven wrong again. Get over it, grow up and move on.

Who's wrong ? you old buzzard

Here's the video:

Should make for some fun battles with the Argos mascot :lol: