Buying Tickets On The Street

Next Saturday, I am going to the Ticat game. I was considering buying tickets off those guys on the street. I don't think they are "scalpers", in the purest definition of the word, because aren't they out there on behest of the team?

Who are those guys and are they working on behalf of the team?

Caretaker is pretty wily and liable to come up with some pretty interesting sales tactics, but I suspect that they're not out there representing the team. :slight_smile:

I used to work on Bay Street across from the Air Canada Centre for years, and yet somehow never actually asked what the cost of a ticket was. Is it totally jacked sky-high or a fairly reasonable markup? Have you chatted with a scalper before?

Just a warning on buying tickets on the street. Since many tickets these days are printed at home unscrupulous people can easily make multiple copies of their tickets. Not so much at THF but at both Rogers Centre and the ACC I've a couple of times seen people turned away at the gate when their tickets were scanned because somebody else had already been scanned into the venue with the same ticket.

And once years ago when we bought tickets to a Leafs game at Maple Leaf Gardens on the street. Good seats near the blue line about 20 rows from the ice. A couple of minutes into the game the usher pulled us aside when the real season ticket holder for those seats showed up. Apparently his seson tickets had been stolen in a home robbery and somebody was selling those seats out on the street before every game. They did not kick us out of the arena but we did have to move to standing room with a lousy view.

So buying from scalpers on the street - buyer beware.

Wait till the game is almost started or has started. Many time you can get tickets for less than face value.
Grey Cup 92 at Skydump. Scalpers were trying to sell tics for 10 bucks once game had started. Only 45,000 in the seats. Some guys got burned bad.

Pat, can you remember what year were you bumped out of the seats ? I think I may have known the guy who stole those tics in the first place. Now that would be serendipitous or maybe ironic or maybe.........

I still wont buy them from a scalper

I would pay more for the same seat if it means he loses his shirt

LOL The regular street ticket reseller would not be out there if he was losing his shirt. It takes both a buyer and a seller to create the market and there are always those looking for a deal so I don't hesitate to believe that your refusal to purchase from these people will have any real effect on their clothing.

I never understood why people are so down on legitscalpers.

Most people on herebelieve in capitalism.
Buying goods and thentaking a risk that you can re-sell them for more iscertainly approved ofin capitalism.

Isn't that what they are doing? Most teams don't care as long as the ticket is sold. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy from a scalper.

I'm not talking about guys that counterfeit tickets.

It was Ryan, wasn't it? ;D

There was a guy we met last year outside of BMO stadium when we went to the opener against the Ticats, he makes a full time living out of buying and selling (scalping) tickets.
He is outside of the Rogers Centre for Jays games and at BMO for Argo/TFC games. He bought Argo season tickets so he had the option of selling Grey Cup tickets. I don't think he's made any money from the Argos.

Buying and selling is like stock trading. What is the difference between a share, or a ticket?

People buy and sell homes all the time for profit or loss. Is that called home scalping??

Argh! Guessing it would be about 1987'ish. lol

Hey Kevin

I have had Ticat season tickets for 14 years and remember those guys since then I'm sure they are legit.... also check kijiji often find good deals like face value is 80 for a pair people selling for $50

Thank you.

I thought they were sent out by the teams to encourage people to go the games. I guess I was wrong.

Prob not....but buying from him does

What is a legit scalper?

Johnny thought scalping was illegal. It turns out that it is legal in Ontario, under certain conditions.

One who buys tickets and re-sells them as opposed to a guy who counterfeits.

You have to find out the date on that.

The Hip issue triggered a lot of changes to the law

And that is illegal most places in Canada so its not legit

My problem is that your...'Risk taking" screws me out of a chance to get a ticket.
Shows are sold out in minutes because of bots who grab them all and force me to pay more. Well I wont minimize your risk

For what its worth....many music artist are fighting against scalpers