Buying Lions Jersey

Hey Everyone Lions Rock!

Now to get to my point. I am hoping to get a Lions jersey for my 16th bday at the game on friday. But I dont know who's jersey to get any mentions?

PS- I want someone who isnt going to dissapear in liek a yr or 2
Thanks alot

Leos4Life :stuck_out_tongue:

#82 Jason Clermont... #81 Geroy Simon... #51 Barrin Simpson... #91 Brent Johnson... all 4 of them should be around for a few years... but really... you should probably pick your fave. player

Don't bother.. Get a A.J GASS jersey of the Esks, then you can look like me! . . .

Those four players would be at the top of my list too. The QB situation is way too unclear beyond this season.

A couple of future stars/fan favourites could be Paris Jackson and Javy Glatt.

well... i think if he wanted to go for a QB... Dave would be the better bet to be here after this year... but that's just my opinion... not what i'd choose... but what i think will happen

Lyle Green #28! :stuck_out_tongue: Or #64 Angus Reid...he'll definitely be here for life

You can't go wrong with just going with your favourite player - even if the guy leaves for greener or other pastures.

It is kind of interesting to see some old old jerseys in the stands or around town. Brings back memories.

the lions still have a 3rd uniform coming out midseason so im going towait and see how that looks.. but id go with chronicguy's picks cept for the fact that Johnson is 97

Does Anyone Have an Idea of what the 3rd jersey will look like??

Black will be the main colour and it will be retro look 1960s.

Here's a link to some old photos. The alternate will look similar to the 3rd photo down with paw prints included.

[url=] ... hotos.html[/url]

Man…i don’t know where my head was when i typed that :? … i know he’s 97… no idea where the 91 came from… Thank You for for the correction :smiley:

I reaaaaaaaaally think you should go with GOEsksGo' idea... Gass is pretty wicked. AND you can look like him AAAAAND me! Now who wouldnt want that?

Gass? .... What number is he?

Is that the Eskimo linebacker Clermont usually steamrolls over. 8)

#59 - Bates actual size, you'd never outgrow it :mrgreen: