Buy Your Season Tickets Now

In Sports, there is always a lag between the turnaround and the end of a losing streak. The main reason for this is confidence.

I really believe that this team has well turned the corner with regard to talent.

We're very strong at the key offensive positions now, QB, RBs and receivers. The defensive secondary which was young and embarassing last season has shown much improvement.

Sure there are holes, heck it's the CFL, every team has holes, particularly when you have injuries on the lines and are dealing with the ratio factor.

I truly believe that Taaffe was holding this team back. His lack of confidence in this team was evident. And since the 3rd and 6 inches punt, the team's lack of confidence in him was also evident.

The new era begins today. MB probably wouldn't have been my choice to finish the season, however I believe we will see a real improvement immediately.

A 4 and 4 season finish is probably within reach and gives us an outside shot at the Argo tiebreaker and a playoff berth.

Get your season tickets now for next year.
They may become a valuable commodity again.