Buy Playoff tickets!

I hear there’s still 1000 tix left for the playoff game on Sunday. If this game doesn’t sell out, I don’t want to hear another word about a new stadium. (If I heard wrong, ignore all this)

We are hosting a playoff game for the 3rd consecutive year, something that would’nt have been imaginable 4 years ago.

Now, because the Riders didn’t go undefeated this year, the bandwagon losers decide they don’t want tickets.

Get off your chair, go buy playoff tickets because win or lose, this is the last CFL football game this year in Mosaic Stadium!

And if you don’t come to the game, don’t bother showing up in 2011 either.

Sorry, I got a little excited there. But seriously, go buy tickets. :thup:

I'm sure that by Sunday those 1000 tickets will be gone.

don't get too crazy here!

I wouldn't worry too much about it. The game was sold out last week, I'm sure this game will sellout as well. In the end it really doesn't matter how quickly it sold out.

The game will sell out, but the fact that it was not sold out on day one, MAYBE day 2 is shocking! I was extremely disappointed when I heard this in the AM. If we can not sell out this game on day one, we don't deserve a 35k seat dome. Maybe Ridernation is becoming a bit of a bandwagon.

Come on a bit extreme? If we don't sell out a game after one day, the fans don't support the team? It'll sell out.

I have kids hockey to coach so I'd like to but I have other commitments first. Should anyone from Hockey Regina be reading..."Poor" scheduling on your part for the West semi, West final and GC. Geez, you know when these things are happening every year please cut us some slack in this province of all provinces!! :x

Yeah, I realize there are conflicting issues. That happens. But to not sell out a home playoff game until a day before the game is unreal. Last year it was sold out in like an hour. we go on a 4 game skid and this is the support shown. It was the same time of the year last year, but the Riders went in hot. I know we will sell it out, but I can not believe it would be this close to game day! I have a few buddies who contemplated not going because of the recent skid, and they have season tickets. Needless to say I told them off pretty good. I can still count on one hand how many home playoff games we have had in my lifetime, and all have been in the passed few season. Embrace it and your team. I know it is preaching to the choir, cuz probably everyone who comes on these forums is fairly die-hard, but it is disappointing none the less.

Since its Positivity Week in Saskatchewan, I'm going to look at the positives here....

  1. The game WILL sell out. No question.

  2. By taking this long to sell out the game, fans are sending a message to Rider management (and in no uncertain terms) that they expect winning performances, and not mediocrity, from their team.

  3. IF the Riders' management gets this message, there will be improvements (and possibly some personnel changes) made, resulting in many, many more consecutive home playoff games and perhaps a few GC championships.

I'm not going to say here and now what those changes should be. That's for the offseason.

For now...the message has been sent to management. They will get it or they will not, but it has been sent.
So now, we can feel free to BUY UP THOSE TICKETS!

If I wasn't so far away (1000 miles and more) I would most certainly be there!!! Make Lots of Noise, all you who will!!

good point

The fans are not sending a message. The FANS already have tickets. It's the trendy non-fans that are sending a message. And those people know nothing about football anyways.

The non-fans expect perfection and anything less is instantly labelled mediocre.
The non-fans want Durant pulled because he through a few picks.
The non-fans are nothing more than an unnecessary contribution to a conversation they weren't invited to join.

Just because we went one game above .500, doesn't mean we are mediocre. It seems people often forget that the Riders play professional football. That means the teams they play are professional football teams. That also means, they too expect to win, and sometimes they do.

The non-fans can jump on and off our bandwagon all they want, that's their choice. But I will never take their opinion to mean anything. And I hope for the sake of professional football that the Rider management doesn't take their opinion to mean anything either.

Thryllin, you make good points as well, BUT I must point out that amongst my friends who questioned going, one of them is as big a fan as they come. He lives and breathes ball, and in fact played in the jr ranks, and eventually in the CFL for multiple years. He makes the argument that loosing is fine, but he gets pissed when you have the talent, but the coaching and coordination looses the games for you. I can understand that frustration. I will still go, but I do understand.

Please remember that some of these none trendy fans can't afford season tickets, so singles are what they have to live with (and we love each and every one of them true fans). I'm not one of those but choose to give up my season tickets due to family commitments. Now if they build a dome I will revisit that decision or the family is much older.

management has heard

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oh, and it is after 9pm and there are still tickets, so will this actually sell out? shameful, just shameful.

Boy, it’s nice to read some sense on here again once in awhile.

Sadly this season ticket holder will not be attending the game. But I do plan on coming back next year. Work is calling and if it wasn't work then my son's hockey would be my next comitment, which means that my wife will also not be going (son's hockey). Because my wife is not going and my son is not going also means that my daughter will also miss the game. Stupid Hockey Regina. But at least I will be somewhat able to watch the game at work.

This comment from the leaderpost story sheds some insight into the scenario. Not sure how credible or impactful, but some insight nonetheless:

rider1 8:05 PM on November 13, 2010
I think the problem is how the front office is treating fans..i am part of large group that comes to games by bus from out of town...we attempted to buy about 100 seats and were not really treated with any type of respect by the ticket people. I think they thought thy would easily be able to sell the seats normally set aside for out of town buses for a higher price and therefor more profit. have spoken to quite a few other bus organizers and they were getting the same run around from the ticket sales

I work in the Brand department of a marketing agency and I can understand the absolute validity of making customers feel like they are important. If somebody is about to buy 100 of anything from you, you better darn sure make certain that customer feels special about the contribution.

good post. perhaps the office is a little complacent. I mean they only allowed 5000 game-day tickets this year, so one would assume a playoff sellout is a gimme, not so apparently.

Also, I do think it is time to consider starting the season a month earlier:

  • less NFL competition
  • less hockey interference
  • better weather
    If the greycup would have been 2 weeks ago, it would have been great weather, but end of november and we could see 12" of snow that day or below minus 30 (it has happened before). The only real downside of an earlier start is that there is less opportunity to bring in NFL cuts, but that might be a pro in some senses.

While we are at it, maybe they should stop having Sunday games while the NFL is on...why compete with the monster?

oh man...this is a really good idea!

love that they show how many tickets remain.

Funny, I thought that wanting to see my team make improvements so they could play better in future made me a fan. It's not all about short term gain. Sometimes you need to look at improving the future, and often that means changing the status quo. That is NOT giving up, that is giving hope.

"Fans" who support their team through thick and thin, as if everything is perfect, and will never criticize no matter what...these are a problem. These "fans" create complacency, and are, in fact, more "enablers" than "fans". This is the type of "support" that has led to situations like what the Toronto Maple Leafs face. No matter what they do, the "fans" will support (enable) them, and they can cheap out on players and effort and still make a huge profit. They also continue to lose.

On the other hand, look at the New York Yankees (yes, I hate them, too, but look at them as an example). The fans ride them like a cheap when they don't win, so they are always making improvements and changes. Guess what...they are successful for it!

There is nothing wrong with CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I'm not saying fans should be calling for public lynchings, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to see action to improve shortcomings. Its like saying "spare the rod, spoil the child"...sometimes discipline is necessary before praise. A parent who disciplines their child is not giving up on the kid, they are trying to make him (or her) better, for the child's own good. Same with football fans.

I want a team who will win year-in, year-out. The fact that I don't believe that our current coaching staff can provide that does not make me less of a fan. If I believed that changes are necessary, and still said nothing, THAT would make me less of a fan.

Those who want to play fiddle while Rome burns can feel free to do so, but I tend to favour grabbing a bucket and putting water on the flames.