Buy one season ticket, get one free !

New offer from the Gliebermans to put people in seats at Frank Clair next year:

On December 10, there's a two for one promotion on season tickets.

While the attempt at getting more people in the stadium is commendable, I wonder if that is a good move? What if no one but the already existing season tickets holders buy seats? The offer would then backfire, with the Gliebs getting only half the money they got this year from existing season tickets holders...

Your thoughts on this?[/list]

You made good points its risky

......fine print probably limits it to the upper deck south side, those $99 seats.....

Actually R & W, "those $99 seats" are not just on the upper deck South Side. I know, because I have those $99 tickets and we are in Section B in the North Stands and let me tell you, they are pretty good seats.
And I'll be getting the same deal for next year, but this time my wife wants a set, so that will be three $99 seats in the same section.

But on T&T's original post, the Gliebermen held a one day "on campus" seat sale for $25 for college and university students, and do you know how many tickets they sold?..........................two freaking hundred! And Lonnie was happy with that?!

So all in all, the $99 season tickets are a better deal than the Two-fers, because the Two-fers will cost $400. And the seats aren't that much better. So maybe it's negative advertising? Which one would you buy (if you were a fan), two for $198? Or two for $400?

is the two for one only for new season tickets holders.?

Anyone can buy them. That is unless you've already bought your more expensive season's tickets already for next year. But I doubt anyone has renewed already.

Dumbness has no depth. You follow the examples of those who have succeeded and see what they do. In this case, it's the Lions and Ti-Cats organization. Call them up to see what they do. ... Even my 7 year old nephew knows this! MORONS !!!!

Supersmith, this may be a dumb question, but I wouldn't know otherwise than ask:

What garantee do you have that the 99$ seats offer will be renewed next year? Maybe the two-for-one promotion will just replace that first one. No?

That's pretty bad that they have to do that and if history is any indication, this plan will fail and be another in a long list of failures by the Gilbermans.

I'm still wanting for them to chage the teams colors to Red and Gold, let's retire the Rough Riders colors (Red and Black) along with the name, and I'm wanting for the Gilbermans to but back Ottawa's former CFL history. At least those ideas might succeed.

half kidding, that would also fail.

why not spend the money, that kanga would use on the roughrider name and colours and…i dont know…get good players?

people associate the ottawa rough riders ( and red and gold ) with LOSING…start fresh and build the Renegades into winners…people will forget ottawa ever had rough riders.

yeah, your right D god, get good players frist, win the Cup or two, get lotsa money, then do all my stuff. Good thinking! :wink:

One, two, three bulls*it on way did you write that first post without assistance.....grammatically and mechanically perfect - yet your next one you can't even spell first correctly?

Back on topic.....whatever it takes to get the bums in the seats, do it.....

They must not be planning on making any money next season either.

How much do season's tickets for the Renegades cost? I read about the $99 seats and the other prices mentioned in this thread, but I'm really confused.

Is it $99 per game? That seems really high - even for 2 seats. I pay about $1,000 per year for 2 esks tickets, and they're about midfield, 8 rows back.

Just curious.

$99 for the season

Give the Gleibs credit for trying whether its good or bad. At least they are putting their and minority owner Smith money where it counts. Speaking of Smith, those of you in the Ottawa area, any word from him or is he strictly a minority owner at 49% with no say. If I recall he and very small percentage from Bill and Brad Waters are from and remain in Toronto.

Holy crap! Why so cheap?

So now I want to know what it costs for an ordinary ticket if you just walked up on game day?

Argotom, I think I read somewhere that Brad Water owns 4% of the Gades.

Saskeskfan, the 99$ season ticket was a promotion launched last June to get a few more undreds butts in the seats at Frank Clair. Lats winter, the Rens situation was so bad that nothing was done to sell tickets. Two weeks prior to the season opening, the rent at Frank Clair wasn't even signed yet. The Rens were homeless, fansless and almost ownerless.

The Gliebs made the 99$ promo to at least get a few bucks off a lot of empty seats (not to mention, fans eat and drink, whereas empty seats don't do a thing).

I don't know what cost a walk-on ticket at Frank Clair, but I remember the Rens made a promotion for students recently where they could buy tickets for 25$. So the usual price may be a bit above that.

Thanks 3rd&10, that clears it up!