Buy and Read Bob Ackles book, "The Waterboy"!

Irrational statements such as this pretty much invalidate your entire argument Blin.

You do realize that the only reason that gore and edwards never got in is because of gays and abortion..... Christain Evangelicals block vote for republicans to keep them in power.Why? cause republicans believe that Gay people need god to change their ways....and republicans believe that you are a dirty slut if you get an abortion.

If you believe that Blin, then I have an old, decaying football stadium in Ottawa, downtown location, very cheap. If you want to discuss conspiracy theories, how about that Bush actually lost the 2000 election, but stole it thanks to the Florida Governor(his brother) and a very Republican Supreme Court-- who owe the GOP big time for their comfirmations... :roll:

good Mort Sahl quote Sambo- had to laugh at that one!!!!!!!!!!!