Buy a Ticket.......Feed The Cats.

With the hated Argo's coming down the QE into the Cats Lair... next Saturday, Cat fans have the chance " finally " to really get on the band wagon.. and be the 13th man on the field. Yes, we all know the numbers at home games have been great this year...but if we could sell-out the house, and really show the players... that the fans are behind them.... and I mean REALLY behind them, that would go a long way too helping the team in the 2nd half of the season.. So..Let's Sell-Out the House...and make a hell of a lot of Saturday.

I already have my ticket. Looking forward to seeing Ranek run all over the Argos, and Cheatwood putting Allen into St. Joseph's hospital.

Getting my tix this week , and the fans need too get LOUD!!!! right from the opening kick off. Lets get the "go cats go" chant going right after pigskin does his thing haven't heard it yet this year.