Buy a Pizza, get 2 free Grey Cup Tickets

Hamilton area only

great deal!

Wow! Like I said - they are going to do whatever they have to do to fill the place on Sunday. But I would not be too happy if I paid a couple of hundred bucks for my seats a few weeks ago.

And if they are doing this with 15 pairs of tickets at each of the 16 Pizza Pizza locations in the Hamilton area - that is some 480 free tickets in total.

Are they offering this anyplace else in Southern Ontario?

It depends on where these free seats are....if you really want to call them 'free'.

They're likely in the back few rows in the upper bowl or on the goaline which seemed to be greyed out since they reduced the prices.

Doesn't bother me at all as I know the comps are nowhere near where we are seated.

I got something similar with Pizza Pizza for the Raptors game 7 vs. Brooklyn a few years ago. Got them free and they fed us. Didn't have to spend 30.00 to get them either. Seats were back of the back....the sun rose the next day.

Again , is Pizza , Pizza not a sponser , I know they are with the Cats , if they chose to buy the tickets or get tickets for sponsorship revenue they provide to the teams or league and then pass them on to their customers , then how is this unusual . Correct me if I am wrong but does this not go on with most pro sports leagues ?

Pizza Pizza is a sponsor for the Argos as they have their sign behind the endzones and are also the Pizza supplier in BMO.

So yes, they would have bought these a reduced rate and distribute them through other promos.

This is done frequently, the Raptors do with allot with mid week games. Drives business their way

This can not be spun in a positive way.

Kevin, you should get down to one of those outlets , beats standing outside the Princes gates/BMO looking for a deal like you mentioned doing . :wink:

Bottom line: Sara Moore, should be fired. Michael Copeland should be fired.
Both took a golden opportunity to usher in in new era of CFL in toronto and crapped the bed royally.
I can't imagine a worse disaster than what these two morons orchestrated this year.
They sent this franchise backwards 10 years and have made David Braley/ Chris Rudge look competent in comparison.
Only 4 years ago, the Grey Cup was in toronto and was a huge success in a larger stadium.

They should have priced tickets low enough entry level to ensure sell-outs all season long including the Grey Cup, thus sending the right message to end the old stigma.

This reminds me of posts that rocket/1991argo would always make.

I don't see anything wrong with this. Every sports town has things like this.

They are a major sponsor. They did the same thing for Blue Jays post season.

its not the argos or CFL fault. Toronto has no money left. you people dont understand how economics work. Corporations can not dish out $$ anymore. Toronto is a struggling business centre and people are losing jobs left and righit.

CFL should not come back to Toronto until they get a new stadium (BMO field is junk) and have strong owners, and economy picks up.

After posting on this forum for 12 years, sherlock has figured me out. Damn. :roll:

You sure you're not confusing Toronto with Detroit?

Bottom line - 3 days before the Grey Cup game and they've had to resort to giving away hundreds of tickets through one of their sponsors down the road in Hamilton to help fill the place.

This is sounding an awful lot like what we would see happen in the days leading up to the Bills in Toronto Series games. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kevin - Mr. Pike is right. This is your chance to get a cheap pair to the Grey Cup and even get a 3 topping large pizza, two dipping sauces, four cans of pop, chicken wings - all thrown in too - all for $29.99. Time to break open that seal on your wallet and go for it buddy! :wink:


Tickets were a hard sell, TSN got a bunch as I am sure a pile went to the many sponsors, Shaw, Pizza Pizza, Purolator,
CP, Tim Hortons, and hundreds more. Pizza Pizza decided to give some of their tickets to their customers and probably employees if they wanted them.
They are sponsors for a reason, to get exposure and to bring in customers, seems to be working.
This sure makes Pizza Pizza look pretty darn good.

Nah, the Bills in Toronto series never offered food. But yes 30.00 for 2 tickets is a good deal for consumers. Having free pizza and stuff doesn't hurt either :smiley:

Lots of lessons for the team and by a large extension future hosts need to learn. Mistakes on many levels.

So either use the sponsors to get people in the place or stubbornly do nothing and have swabs of empty seats on Sunday. Make the place look good and go back to the drawing board on Monday....the sun will rise on that day too.

Agreed with others, the benifet is for the corporate sponsors. This is where the Argos really need to work with moving forward to fill the more expensive mid field lower bowl seats in BMO. It's a win on so many fronts.

In Hamilton maybe. But if I'm a loyal Pizza Pizza customer in Oakville and get home after buying Pizza and wings for the family tonight at an Oakville or Mississauga Pizza Pizza location and only got two free dipping sauces and not two free Grey Cup tickets - I might not be thinking that if I then saw this Hamilton area offer.

(Unless this offer is GTHA wide in which case you are talking thousands of free tickets.)

I don't care if there is 34998 free-bees. I feel I got value for my money. I don't agree Michael and Sara should get fired. Make the same mistake twice, then sure.

And makes the CFL look pretty darn bad.