Buy A Pizza And Get Free Grey Cup Tickets!!!

Nice promo from Hamilton-area Pizza Pizza the walk-in only Grey Cup Special pizza combo ($30) and get a free pair of Grey Cup tickets. Limited to 15 pairs of tickets per outlet. Not a bad little deal for those looking to go to the game.

Is that for real? Where are they advertising it?

8) Wow, they are getting desperate to sell the game out !! I heard there are loads of tickets still left.
   Anyway, it is a great promo for Pizza Pizza, and their pizza is great to boot !!

    Gives fans who can't afford regular price tickets a chance to attend for almost nothing.

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what a sad day. taking the brand back 20 years.

Pizza , Pizza is a sponser with the Cats for sure and I presume the league as well , and also the Argos, I am pretty sure their logo was painted on the field at the Eastern Semi which was a league game .

So if a sponser buys tickets or gets tickets in lieu of sponsership monies and they pass these tickets onto their clients as a good business practice then what is wrong with this . I would believe all Pro leagues do this .

They really should have offered a discount to Ticat season ticket holders if they were desperately trying to get rid of tickets. Not all of us we're lucky enough to win tickets to the game and the Ticat VIP party.

I probably would have gone if I could get a ticket for 50 bucks or something. Guess I need to buy a pizza instead :lol:

You’re right. I know people that desperately wanted to go but couldn’t afford to.
Here’s their chance.

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#CFL says promo offering #GreyCup tix as part of $30 pizza deal didn't have "proper authorization" & has been pulled

Wow!!! I wonder if anybody here took advantage of that offer before it got pulled. It would be nice to know if they had actual hard copy tickets at those locations or were buyers promised the tickets would be sent by FedEx before the game on Sunday and if that is the case then what happens now? I think we need the Command Centre to look into this because something sounds fishy about this whole deal. We can trust that they will come to the correct decision in this “promo gone bad”. :roll:

I can see it now Mighty Pope.

Upon Review the ruling is there was Pizza interference on the play, point of foul, first down! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to let you know , thanks to this forum I took advantage of this deal and went to my local Pizza Pizza at 2pm and was lucky enough to get myself 2 tickets. My location still had 6 pairs left after me. They gave me my tickets right away, which are in Section 208. All the tickets he received were in the same row, quite happy to be going to the game. All that he asked was my name, address and phone number and handed me the tickets. Now reading that this promotion has been pulled, I'm glad I went when I did


Messaged a buddy about the deal at 5:15pm.

He just messaged me. He received two tickets in section 208 as well.

edit: Hamilton Mountain Pizza Pizza location.

Don't believe for one second the CFL and Argos didn't know about this. They're covering themselves from the negative PR and trying not to upset more people that paid full price.

This isn't 1 store that did a rogue promo. The league/Argos ran this "promo" far enough from TO that it wont upset those in Toronto, while unloading another 500 tickets - the tickets were all printed yesterday so its not like Pizza Pizza was sitting on them for weeks. This was clearly a last minute dump.

They cant offer them at further discounted rates or they'll have even more people asking for discounts on full price tickets. So they blame the sponsor, refuse to give specifics and it goes away while blending in with the rest of the negative PR associated with the event.

If you go on Twitter, theres more Grey Cup contests and giveaways than you can shake a stick at.

This event has become an absolute disaster for the Argos and the league, and they're making it worse by the day.

I got a pair as well. Thanks mightypope and Grover for posting the details.

This will be my first Grey Cup game since the McManus-Flutie snow bowl 20 years ago. Other years it was in town the ticket prices kept me away.

as someone who bought tickets and supported this event. this is infuriating. absolutely zero benefit for supporting this joke of a league...

As of this morning Spec article, the CFL has forced Pizza Pizza to pull the promo.

This give away reminds me of the 96 Grey Cup, do you remember the Tim Hortons Grey Cup ticket giveaway?

I do. I had season tickets that year and bought the Grey Cup tickets well in advance at full price. I remember that I was not at all jealous of the folks who got last-minute tickets with their Timbits or whatever, because they were the least desirable temporary seats in the end zone (I think). Not quite the case this year, as my Pizza Pizza seats are much better than I’d expected.