Kamau Peterson had a great game…maybe now people will stop calling him names and saying he doesnt deserve to start

It was great to see Peterson have his best game as a Cat. After last night he deserves to start and with a few more games like that one the name calling will surely stop..

As an Alouette fan, I have to agree that Peterson was the best receiver out there last night. Meanwhile, I must also admit that the last two Als' wins over the TiCats have been tainted by the overly large role the officials are playing in the outcome of games.
Face it, if you went by the book, you could call a penalty every play. The refs have to mellow out, establish a tempo, and the let the teams play.
Let's have the outcome determined by the play, not by the calls.

Thanks for Kind Words..
With some Luck We'll to Get playoffs

As a Cats fan, I have to agree that Cahoon is the best receiver out there most every night. But Peterson had a break out game. Good on him.

Kamau made some catches! lol. Thats a rare occurance.

he did make some nice catches. good work peterson

You talk out of both sides of your mouth. read your subject title. :thdn: :thdn: Why dignify a rude and undeserved nickname by writing it like that??? He is a very hardworking receiver that showed a lot of ignorant people how valuable he is in the Montreal game. His confidence was the only thing lacking since he came to the Cats!!! GREAT GAME KAMAU!!! :thup: :thup:

You don't know the fans on this board, rockster.

Ask Mike Morreale.

I don't think anyone ever doubted Peterson's hands. It's his concentration and game-in, game-out effort that is in question. He has too many games when he's just a floater (to use hockey parlance). Basically, that's what sets apart the great receivers from the rest of the pack, Guys like Cahoon, Stegall, Simon, Vaughan, et al, always have their heads and consequently their hands in every game.

He's got talent and size. Maybe Lancaster can bring out the best in the guy. The potential is there.

An Argo fan

Barney, Kamau came here to hamilton with a nickname in the Winnipeg media: Fryinging pan hands. He couldnt catch a cold they were fond of saying. They doubted his hands and so do we (me anyways). He does however have potential

Theres more than concentration thats sets him apart from the great receivers and becoming a great receiver. Kamau Incompleterson has about as much potential as a burnt sausage.

Can't agree. He has size and speed which you can't teach. And he has made the difficult catch which says to me that he can make the plays. When he doesn't you have to ask yourself why? I think it's just a lack of concentration for 60 minutes. When I watch Cahoon's face for example, it's of a guy who is totally immersed in the game. Talk about focus.

Maybe Lancaster can bring that out in Peterson. If he can't, he'll just be another face that was here long enough for a cup of coffee. I like the Incompleterson nickname though. :rockin:

An Argo fan

An Argo fan

all the talk i've heard out of winnipeg fans is that he "thinks too much"

a little bit of the KISS method oughta do hima world of good. (keep it simple stupid)

honstley.. i didnt think he had it till thursdays game, when he got all inthe defenders faces and actually making great catches.. that was wicked, im proud of him, ill admit i wasnt a beleiver but now i seen what the coaches have bin seeing all along.. jus he needs good passes from a better non overrated QB.. in maas.. eakin is the man..